Saturday, January 23, 2016

The evil Impact

Nowadays most of the parents I see are really conscious, rather over conscious of their kids' health and that in turn gives good business to pediatricians. Hold on, I'm not being critical about anything, so please preserve your New Year mood especially if you're an over-protective parent or a pediatrician, you can be mad at me after these festive days get over. So, point of this post is the impact of a child's health on the overall happiness of a family. Rarely do I write fictions of late, because I've realized that I don't have that X/Y/Z-factor whichever is needed to hold reader's attention till the very end of the story. So, I focus more on my photo blog. Recollecting past events interests me, but, writing them down with a pinch of fiction is too much work for a lazy blogger. It took me exactly four days to set a momentary equilibrium between my aggressive procrastination and greed for an easy shopping voucher.

I was back to my hometown almost after three long years of farming in the Gulf. It was the Chhoti Diwali evening. I thought to give a surprise visit to one of my closest school friends who was happily married and settled in Bardhaman itself. Last time when I had met him about five years back from then, he had become a proud dad. Thankfully I took a big box of chocolates on the way for Arun's school-going child. It was somewhat surprising to find no Diyas or colored bulbs glowing outside Arun's house, considering what a party animal he was in our golden days! As I hesitantly pressed the calling bell a man opened the door... it was none other than Arun and the inside of the house was darker than the outside road. He switched on a light and welcomed me in.

Me: Asshole is that the way to greet Diwali to your childhood friend!

There was a smile in Arun's face which failed to project out of his thick beard. We talked for a while... all casual talks... who's doing what... where... like that... and a time came I realized there was nothing left to talk about, you know when warmth is lost the cold food you can't take much. Seeing nobody in the house I asked about his son and wife. "They're away" was all I got in Arun's cold reply. I chose to leave Arun's place that day. Yes, I always believed relationships have expiry dates too... bad thing is those dates are nowhere mentioned explicitly.

Next day I rang Sitesh, a common friend who was working in Delhi, to convey my Diwali wishes. When I brought Arun in the conversation he expressed his concern and then only I came to know that Arun's son was mentally retarded... his marriage broke off gradually due to the sickness of his child... it was a long sad story. All impacts can't be absorbed. I wish I hadn't called Sitesh and known the bad reality. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! We shared a long moment of silence over the telephone as my wet heart started correlating Arun's weird coldness with his misfortune.

Good update is, very recently I heard from Sitesh that Arun has remarried and trying to settle his scores with the cynical time. 

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