Saturday, January 23, 2016

She took the blow and stood up

Taking a bold step in life can make a huge impact on your future. When our life is sailing smooth like skidding on an ice ring, it is very difficult to appreciate the need of taking a bold step and taking any unusual hurdle looks stupid then. But, as a matter of fact, no pain means no gain. If you can’t think out of the box you’re never going to see the change in your life that you dream for or, what your life badly needs for good. In this context I remember an old quotation which says that great achievements can be made only if one dares to take the offbeat path rather than the apparently easy path which most common people take. Today I’ll narrate my story when I had to take a decision which had realigned my broken life.

I was a happy housewife, blessed with an adorable boy and loving husband. I had always found happiness in making delicious dishes in kitchen, for my boy and my big boy. I never ever had imagined a world outside the eight hundred square feet quarter. My world was tiny but built by me. I had everything inside that I needed or longed for. My friends and neighborhood women used to ask me why I don’t work even after being an educated woman. I had my answers ready- “I work in two positions already and how much more work shall I take?” When they were clueless of my job positions I used to explain them that being a mother and wife are no jobless things. Actually there is nothing called housewife. It should be called homemaker. But the thunder called destiny struck my home one day. My husband, who was a locomotive engineer died on duty. His body got cut into pieces by iron wheels which he had served his lifetime. In a millisecond my world turned upside down!

My boy was only a fifth standard kid by then. My goal of life had got revised by that incident. All I had to do was to bring up my kid in best possible way, like his dad would have wanted. I never worked after finishing my studies, never thought too. Taking up the compensatory job by railway was not a very easy decision for me at that point of time. I was scared to see the scorching, polluted world outside the boulevard of my broken dreams. I was apprehensive to face people. I was not ready to get thousand looks of sympathy which a widow often buys. But at last I made myself firm and took a bold step of taking up the job. Today my son is working in a reputed company. I have a small but happy home. One right and timely decision really did have so much positive impact on both of our lives!

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