Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Day of Real Togetherness

Life is not worth living if it’s solely stuffed with monotony and trendy words like- utility, gadgets, productivity, network, gain etc. Somehow, changing time has enslaved us in such a crude way that we tend to quantify everything and prioritize them accordingly. There were days, not long before, when evenings were meant to be spent idly with family and weekends with friends. People loved the very idea of being together. But today, a majority of office goers’ evenings are spent at office and weekends are spent in much needed sleep. We fail to catch up with our near and dear ones. Ironically when we do, we remain loyal slaves of digital emperor and fiddle with our gadgets more than connecting to our near and dear ones! Indeed we are becoming very isolated each day. Today I’ll be narrating a moment from my personal archive when I could discover the joy of real togetherness, although in an unconventional way.
It was a fortnight before the New Year. I had left my job at Saudi and just returned India to open new chapters of my homeland career. My pockets were full but I wasn't. You leave your country when you’re young, with golden dreams. Later, you realize that those dreams were never yours but belonged to your youth. You lose things which matter more in later years of your life. You lose connections, opportunities and a quintal of occasions to cherish which you could have done right around your root. Unfortunately, these realizations come at a stage when these are nothing but a bunch of theories, concepts and philosophies. While walking aimlessly outside a bakery I met Lisa, the spring of my bare college days, the winter of my roasted recklessness and the monsoon of my arid tongue. Her head was covered as she always used to do and an over-sized goggle hid her eyes. She was buying a cake I assumed. In a minute I took blow of my thousand alternate urges and inhibitions and finally greeted, “Lisa, Merry Christmas!” We kept walking along those old pavements, occasionally exchanging each other’s updates with considerable moments of silence in between. It was not like we didn't have anything to talk. Actually we knew everything about one another, perhaps more than ourselves! In all these seven years of abroad stay I had always imagined how I shall ever face Lisa, what she’ll ask me, how much she will hate me etc. But when we actually met, there were no signs of hatred, blame-game or suffering; only pure feeling of togetherness surrounded us. I was not sure of mine but she seemed to have adjusted with the verdict of time. She looked undisturbed and content. We spent time together from afternoon to night that day. May be from deep inside I wanted Lisa to explode and blame me. Perhaps I expected her to fall on my arms and cry. But nothing such happened. She behaved like a good friend and that was all. Although she shared her in-laws’ address I never felt like giving them a visit after that. That was the most non-happening yet special day that that gave me complete sense of togetherness despite the lack of overflowing emotions. Well, when randomness and chaos take leave and harmony prevails, signal strength gets better and communication definitely improves, only if you know what I meant.

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