Friday, August 21, 2015

2G, 3G and then came 4G

There was a time when connecting mobile phone to Internet was a trendy affair for many and much relief for the rest. Handsets used to be marketed as “GPRS enabled” and a tiny 'G' logo used to appear at the top of the screen implying that your device is connected to Internet. Remember, those good old days of 2G surfing? Frankly speaking, I never had a trouble then waiting for a webpage to load in my mobile browser. Either 2G speed was much more decent than what we have these days or it as entirely the manner in which my mind was conditioned. Somehow I would stick to my former assumption as, although it took days I remember downloading large files like movies in a 2G network by pairing my computer with the phone through a bluetooth dongle. I guess most of us were not satisfied, so that's how 3G evolved (I know you're remembering those sweet Scams associated with it!) to give us better speed. Webpages could be loaded much faster and downloading average sized files became a momentary affair. But nothing can give us perpetual happiness and that's why 4G came into this scene.

In a country like India where 3G Internet is not available in many suburbs there's a lot of ground for improvement in telecom sector. Added to that 3G is still quite expensive and not many can afford. We have to always resist our urges of multimedia usage as the alloted data in an already pricey data pack gets consumed pretty fast once you start watching high definition videos. When mobile Internet users were praying for a fall in 3G price, Airtel rolled out its 4G service, the first of its kind in our country. 4G service has been initiated in 296 cities so far. I saw in twitter, Airtel is dispatching free 4G SIM to its users on tweeting #GetAirtel4G and I could not resist trying the miniature feat out. Unfortunately the form they gave me to fill up did not have names of any of my cities. May be, up till now 296 is just on paper. If you are lucky name of your city will be in that list and that way you can easily try Airtel 4G service. On the brighter side Airtel is providing 4G at the cost of 3G, although variety of data packs are limited, restricting options for customers.

May be I should try in my local stores to procure an Airtel 4G SIM and test whether it is really as lightning fast as the company is claiming it to be. If it turns out to be really first I would love to do quality video chats few of my closed ones living abroad, with whom I have been voice chatting till date. When the price comes down (which I don't expect in near future though) I would love to enrich my digital movie and music library. Till then I'll happily survive with my 3G while keeping an eye on the status of #Airtel4G.

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