Thursday, July 9, 2015

Watch it All and Watch it Fast

Cricket is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball as far as one can with weapon singularly ill-designed for the purpose, so that almost a dozen of homo sapiens exert themselves on the ground to stop the ball from reaching the fence. Could I define the game of cricket? Ouch, I can actually smell and feel a quintal of rotten tomatoes approaching me! Chill dude, I was pulling your emotions, or virtual legs. I love cricket as much as you do. So, let me try to define the game of cricket as we Indians perceive it- Cricket is not just a game but the phenomenal few hours, a day or five when our breathing gets synchronized to each ball delivered on the ground, i.e. inhalation starting as soon as the bowler runs in only to exhale after the ball bypasses the batsman or makes a sweet sound on striking the surface of his willow! Cricket is the charm that unites two minds of immiscible ideologies. Cricket is the excuse that can make an otherwise sincere guy couch potato for a day. Cricket is that drizzle in the drought of topics in a group. It is an omnipotent force that has all those shades from snow-white to pitch-black. I know cricket can't be defined by a cricket fan, especially in a country where an imported sport is more impactful than a religion.

Whenever there is a cricket tournament, daily schedules of cricket lovers are sure to get tampered. Everything but the cricket match is pushed down the 'to do' list. Yes, however intense a cricket fanatic you are you can't deny the fact that cricket manipulates your priority list and hampers your work potential. Frankly, I have never ran to a stadium, taken the pain of standing in queue, absorbed the subcontinental heat and wasted a day to watch a live cricket match. But I have spent uncountable days watching all test matches over television progressing in painfully slow pace. A batsman, known or less known figure, be it from any country, when he made a century even with a less than forty strike rate, I got a pseudo-satisfaction imagining how his career statistics would improve with that ton. This will sound weird to anyone except hardcore cricket fans. Like, if Adam Voges, the veteran Aussie newbie batsman in the test squad, plays few good innings I will find joy in that. See, neither I'm an Australian, nor Voges is any entertaining aggressive youngster. So, these feelings which cricket fans pet are often idiopathic! Anyway, nowadays many apps and mobile web-services (like UC Cricket from UC Browser) have come up to provide us live cricket scores along with commentary so that we are never away from our favorite game when we are on the go. Thankfully, these mobile cricket update services help us to cling to our work schedule or personal commitments and those days have been history when we had to choose between cricket and 'X', 'Y', 'Z'. Now you can stay glued to the game while not missing out on all the little things that make life worthwhile. “Jaago Cricket-fans Jaago aur sirf smartphone mein hi live cricket updates dekho”- is it an effective promotional element?

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