Friday, July 10, 2015

Balance it but don't Crash

Ah you are lecturing me on balanced healthy diet? What the hell! I don't care for those extra pounds and they are none of your damn business too. I live to eat, as simple as that.”- people with such response either fails to understand the real meaning of a balanced diet or, they are too scared fail in the attempt of transition to a healthier meal plan. Balanced diet is not bland, boring or brutal suppression of your gustatory satisfaction, but, it is a combination of what you take (even more than that) in such a proportion which will meet your body's energy demands to carry on with its normal physiological functions. According to your sex, how old you are, how big you're, how active you are and your current state of health, your body needs a certain amount of fuel to run your engine 24/7 without a glitch. So, purpose of a balanced healthy diet is to provide that particular amount of fuel to your faithful body. Technically, a balanced healthy diet should contain 50-70% carbohydrates, 15-30% fats, 10-15% proteins and all essential micronutrients in traces. Practically, a balanced diet needs few more things- your understanding, acceptance and consistent practice. Could I convey the message here? A dietician or a doctor can better explain you the role of each element in your diet but, in commoner's line of thought what I understand is- less carbohydrate means lack of energy to do work, less fat means poor insulation and deficient energy store for the body, and less protein means debilitated muscles. Conversely, more carbohydrate means diabetes, more fat means obesity/cardiac ailments, and more protein means pooping/puking out! Thus, as taking less is as unpleasant as taking more why not motivate yourself for a balanced healthy diet which will take care of your wealth (Hint: recap the old saying)?

The term 'Crash diet' sounds more like a mishap than nutrition, isn't it? Well, it is not a double faced terminology at all. It crashes your desire first (keeping you hungry and sad always), then your bulk (making you look thinner) and finally your body! Crash diet is sudden restriction in calorie intake to a level that is nowhere near the recommended dietary allowance for a body type. Then why do we go for crash diet? Because, sometimes we are either too lazy and dumb or, too impatient and ambitious to follow the right path of losing weight. Crash diet does not only make you unhappy but also fiddles with your body's metabolism. Overall metabolism slows down. You get easily exhausted. Your brain functions slow down too making you look stupid and more vulnerable to changes in the environment. On long term, nutritional deficiences are sure to tickle your back and no multivitamin capsule can salvage you. Surely you can't continue crash dieting regime for your entire life. Once you're back to your previous food plan you'll gain weight much faster and this time it'll be genuine fat that would ornament your physique. After considering all these if you're thinking to try crash diet then hats off to you! Otherwise, go for a healthy balanced diet and live your life king-size. I read it somewhere- “Give a healthy start to your day with spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water”. I don't know how healthy my day would start but a Honey Diet would certainly make my morning happier.

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