Monday, November 17, 2014

Relive Pain in 10 seconds Without Medicine

Pain can not be quantified. Pain is a complete personalized unpleasant feeling. Practically it is as bad as the sufferer perceives it. Everyday we're subjected to some pain or the other. Sometimes we can win over our pain and move on. But sometimes pain traps us in worse mess, from where we slowly resort to depression, addiction and sinful acts. Today I won't touch those grey domains, rather I'll talk about simplest reliefs of 5 pains or painful conditions which we face now and then. If you have stiffness of neck, fingers, shoulder pain, wrist pain, cramping legs etc, you won't have to take painkillers with potential side-effects. Simple exercise of 10 seconds, suitable for all age groups, can give you relief from each of these pains! Most of the painkillers you take upsets your stomach, causing acidity and on long term usage they harm your kidneys. So, next time when you get tormented by pain why don't you try these easy harmless 10 second exercises, before indulging for medicines?

Are you having a painful or stiff neck?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relieve your neck pain/stiffness:
- Sit on a stable position and try to relax.
- Slide your head back keeping your chin parallel to the ground.
- Push the index finger of your one hand against your chin. Do not let your wrist or arms apply the pressure, it should be only from your single index finger. Maintain that position for 10 seconds and then release.
- You may repeat it after an hour if pain creeps in again. But don't repeat as soon as you finish the first one.

Are you suffering from shoulder pain?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relieve your shoulder pain:
- Support your bent body with your hand from the unaffected side holding onto a stable support like the edge of a office table, as if you are leaning to read a newspaper kept on the tabletop.
- Let your free arm (the affected side) hang freely like a pendulum, with the palm facing forward.
- Swing the hanging arm in small circles of radius around 6 inches, five to ten times. This rotation should be on shoulder joint solely and other joints like elbow and wrist should be kept fixed as directed previously.
- You can routinely do it twice a day.

Are you troubled by wrist pain?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relieve your wrist pain:
- Extend your arms forward. Make them straight and keep them parallel to one another. Position them slightly below the shoulder level.
- While maintaining your arms straight, relax on your wrist joints so that hands droop down.
- Move your hands in 'figure of eight' paths at least 10 times.
- You may repeat it after an hour if pain creeps in again. But don't repeat as soon as you finish the first one.

Are you having stiff fingers?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relive your finger stiffness:
- Extend your affected arm forward, with its palm facing upward.
- Pull the fingers of the extended arm backwards (i.e. towards you) with the other hand applying gentle traction for about 10 seconds.
- If fingers of both the hands are stiff, repeat the same exercise for the other hand too. You can routinely do it twice a day.

Are you suffering from leg cramps?

Fine, this simple exercise will relive your cramping calf muscles:
- Sit on a stable position (like- height adjustable chair) so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and feet flat on it.
- Raise one of your legs so as to extend it to 45 degrees with the floor.
- Flex your foot of the raised leg till you feel stretching in your calf muscle.
- Raise the leg in that position as much as you can. Well, you do not need to get up from the chair to prove the “as much as you can” point, remain seated comfortably. Keep your leg at that maximum height for 10 seconds.
- Repeat the exercise with your other leg. You may repeat it after every hour irrespective of the pain/cramp.

I hope my exercise tips cure your pain and keep you away from painkillers or agony. Please share these simple pain relieving exercises with people in pain around you. These are quite easy, risk-free and suitable for varied age-groups, but keep one thing in mind- if you have any special health/medical condition which is making you doubtful whether you should try these exercises it is always better to seek your doctor's opinion on the same before trying these out.


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