Saturday, November 1, 2014

Relieve Your Back Pain during Pregnancy

Recently I had a brief chitchat with a pregnant lady who was agonized by her low back pain. Interestingly, but of course I'm not considering it to be a good statistical data, two thirds of pregnant women experience low back and pelvic pain by the end weeks of pregnancy. There's a 30% chance that you're one of the victims of this normal yet unpleasant phenomenon. Don't mind the percentage (I just manipulated it to make you believe you're not wasting your hours by reading some amateur's guide), look at the brighter side. The low back pain you or your spouse is experiencing is completely physiological, i.e. this is the way human body works. I know, if I assure you with proven medical fact that your low back pain shall most probably vanish after 2-4 months of delivery, you won't bother reading rest of my article, so, how about me teaching you few easy lifestyle modifications and simple exercises to prevent or at least minimize your pregnancy related back pain? Sounds productive? Then keep reading till you reach the bottom of it.

It is never foolish to know why you're having back pain during pregnancy. Once you know the background mechanism it won't be that much intimidating right? Visualize, the angel inside you is growing in size, stretching your abdominal muscles. Muscles are never like your best rubber bands. So, after a certain degree of stretch by the growing fetus, your abdominal muscles lose their ability to contract and help you with their routine function. Previously these muscles used to contribute towards maintaining your body posture. Now, it's your poor back, precisely lower back which has to take the extra workload to maintain your posture. Isn't it obvious that anything that is overburdened would cry or complain. Your back can neither shed tears or yell at you... only thing it does is giving you discomfort as his only mode to avenge. There are hormonal and other reasons too which we can skip for now to keep the matter simple.

Assuming you've understood the mechanism behind your low back pain let me give you a couple of exercise tips to prevent or minimize this menace. But remember, if you encounter abdominal discomfort or any other weird symptom please stop the exercise immediately and follow up with your doctor:

* Lie flat on your back. Keep your hands stretched on either side Exhale while turning your knees to the left and head to the right. Try to touch your knees to the floor. Then reverse the order, i.e. exhale while turning your knees to the right and head to the left. You may repeat this cycle 5 times.

* Lie flat on your back once again. Bend your knees. Put your one hand below the arch of your back. Exhale fully (as much as you can do without straining your limit) so that your abdomen flattens straightening the arch of your back so as to touch the hand waiting below it. Do it 5-10 times.

* Get on your hands and knees (pretending to be a horse, remember?) so that your wrists and elbows are well aligned with the shoulders and knees with hips respectively. Steadily inhale and exhale. While exhaling form an upward arch with your back. Maintain the arch for a couple of seconds. Repeating this cycle 10 times would surely benefit you.

Reminding once again, although these exercises are innocent always be judicious while deciding on the amount of workout your body can tolerate with a smile. We're done with the physical part, it's time to be rational. You better adopt some minor lifestyle modifications too which would take care of your back and save you from pregnancy related back pain:

* Try not to lift heavy objects.
* Avoid standing on one leg, climbing stairs, long walks and standing for a long time.
* Rest yourself at regular intervals. Lie down in a way that your back is least stretched.
* Oh yes, heels are big 'NO'. Flat slippers are really sexy especially when you're pregnant!

Hope you get benefited with these simple tips and have a back-pain-free pregnancy. Still if you get that sweet low back pain, your cute doctor is 1 call away... do call him.

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