Saturday, November 29, 2014

Raising my Voice for a Cleaner India

It's a writer's common thing when his imaginations go wrong, when the scent of Suzan lingers yet writer's block is strong... Into the perimeter of each blogger's pan, sweet vouchers come calling and the writer's greed lands...! With due apology to the legend Elton John (of course for tweaking with his lyrics) I would like to begin today's chitchat. Topic is the power of voice to clean India. Wait folks, if I'm sounding uncomplicated curse my health and lifestyle preaching spree of late, which has made me realize that a pretentious serious tone earns readers' confidence much more easily. You may wonder, am I faking this whole blogging thing? No, I'm quite serious when I write an article, more so when it's health related. So, the better idea would be to overlook the hole in my doughnut and relish its nutritive value.

Why is it important to raise our voices in general?
* To prove we're not physically dumb (at least...).
* To overrule the preexisting sound pollution.
* To show that we're naive enough to believe raising voice is the only way to be heard.
* To get a grip of the slipping away argument (99% failure rate).
* To be in the delusion that we're in control.

Why is it important to raise our voices to clean India?
* India is our motherland and she desperately needs thorough cleaning.
* We are addicted to play deaf-deaf-blind-blind game, so, raising voice is a bare necessity.
* All these years we've pooped almost everywhere... who else would take the liability?
* Even if it doesn't help in cleaning India, our concealed motif of building social contacts and beautifying our public images would be fulfilled (I can bet on the later!).

Since I came across this topic, I got an irresistible urge to rant on about the pathetic ambiance of our state hospitals where patients and dogs fight for a bed. There was a perfect example over my desk too- Burdwan (pronounce as 'Bardhaman') Medical College and Hospital, the government hospital of my city. But after a second thought I could see the futility of raising voice against the health infrastructure of a state government which itself has never been anything better than whimsical in last three-four decades. If you've a sore in your leg it can be healed, if your limb has rotten it still can be amputated, but what remedial measures can come to rescue when there's cancer rain-dancing throughout your body? Well, this was to justify the uselessness of raising voice against flawlessly unclean state hospitals. Same goes for peeing/spiting on public walls or dumping domestic garbage over the street. These are mere effects. Evidently, raising voice against bad effects would be like stoning the sinner and letting his sins roam free!

Then what should we raise our voices for?
Before dreaming of a clean India, we should consider changing our attitudes and habits. Attitudes are acquired characteristics of a person which govern his ways of behaving. If we take this example of cleaning India, attitude of a person is his stable multitude of beliefs around the subject “whether India needs cleaning” which push him to react in some preferential manner. Attitudes are not learnt from books but acquired by social interaction and once formed these are very difficult to change! These are almost our permanent ways of behaving. So, clearly grass-root level workup is necessary to develop healthy attitudes in our people. It's solely ours, i.e.- elders', teachers', parents' and leaders' social responsibilities to sow seeds of cleanliness and correct practices in the younger generation. Healthy habit is no less important but it can only come from a healthy attitude. Habit is the usual and spontaneous way of doing things which is acquired through repetition. Habits are built up through generations and more or less permanent influencer of our behaviors. Do I have to further clarify that habits need to be formed right from childhood? The best way to kill bad habits is to cultivate good habits and patiently wait for the bright outcome knowing that habit formation takes good time. Be sure, once you start throwing your 'masala' packet involuntarily into a roadside dustbin you would never commit the stupidity of throwing it on road again. This is the magic of right attitude and healthy habit. Only right attitudes and healthy habits can clean India... yes, nothing else can... not even a brute force! So, why don't we raise our voices for spreading the importance of right attitudes and healthy habits? Enough with hypocrisy of taking broomstick in the middle of 'nowhere'... I won't buy such personal agenda-based single day events. I'm raising my voice to inculcate right attitudes and habits in people for a cleaner India. So, what are you up to?

I was glad to find Reckitt Benckiser (India) Limited running #AbMontuBolega campaign to motivate people to raise their voices against all that is dirty in our country, to exercise the power of our voice for cleaning up India. I wish them best of luck. You may also raise your voice in your blog or Facebook/Twitter pages of Strepsils.


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