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4 Easy Exercises for a healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy, especially for first timers can be really a confusing state and if you're a sane woman most probably you'll be freaked out by pregnancy related changes in your body and habits. In my last article I've explained how to combat the back pain during pregnancy. Today our talk will be focused on more generalized subject. What I'll be telling you to do is nothing new to you, but may be you don't know that these can be useful for your body while you're pregnant too. If you've heard from someone that simple exercises can minimize your pregnancy related weight gain (Ah I know you never wanted to be a watermelon, relax!) and dwindle down your physical woes then you heard it right. Simple physical exercises 20-30 minutes a day for at least 3-4 days a week can work wonder for you, provided you don't stress yourself with the crazy idea of beating your own record everyday. Take it easy, be positive and persistent are keys to healthy exercises during pregnancy. A good question from your end at this juncture should be- When to start exercising in pregnancy? Talking of normal/uncomplicated pregnancies here, second trimester (from 13th week onwards) is a good starting point for pregnant women with sedentary habits. Women who exercise regularly can continue doing so (of course, modifications as per period of gestation and body's demands are must) throughout all three trimesters. Got any more query? Then raise your hand...
* Walking is one of the most effective yet underrated exercises. Walking is actually the simplest as well as safest one you can start with if you're still wondering from where to start. Get a pair of good quality walking shoes. Even if you're not brand-maniac consider a pair from some reputed brand as their shoe ergonomics would be more specific for the purpose. Keeping yourself hydrated is an important requirement for any exercise regimen, more so when you're pregnant. Drink up to half liter of water before going for your walk... no beer please. Alternatively you can carry a water sipper with you to hydrate yourself every 5-10 minutes. Walk at a steady pace and take a break whenever your body asks for one.

* Swimming during pregnant days can be tremendously joyful. Hold on, if you don't know how to swim, then give it a miss because pregnancy is not the ideal time to learn the game. Be watchful about the cleanliness of your swimming pool. Swimming is not only refreshing for your pregnancy burdened mind but also a pain reliever in itself! Floating on a pool lessens muscle aches and relieves your back from strain. If you were too lazy to take this initiative before, perhaps this is the right time to register with a swimming club.

* Yoga buys you the best relaxation, can you disagree? Either take help from a yoga expert or gift yourself a pregnancy oriented yoga video tutorial. Buy the DVD or stick to piracy (I'm not suggesting, no way!) but practice yoga in pregnancy. A word of caution for pregnant women following yoga tutorial videos- please ask someone to supervise whether you're practicing those poses correctly.

* Exercycling (stationary cycling) during pregnancy is quite helpful. Do not try with normal bike as it can invite risk of falls. Moreover, in stationary bike you'll always have the home environment to shield you in case a crisis arises. Don't overdo though.

Sorry, even if you want I can't advocate you for more interesting stuffs such as boxing, soccer or ice hockey. To remind you one more time, those four exercises I recommended above are only for women with normal courses of pregnancy and no known contraindications. If you're not sure you should always take permission from your doctor before finalizing your exercise schedule. During walking, swimming, yoga or exercycling if you experience any of these symptoms like- chest pain, difficulty in breathing, feeling of imminent blackout/giddiness, tummy pain, vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage, STOP your exercise and seek for your doctor's help. Chill, nothing to panic... even non-pregnant human beings who start exercising are cautioned with similar words.

Before I end this article, in case it interests you, these exercises apart from minimizing your weight gain and physical complaints also aid to a faster labor, quicker post-delivery recovery and also weight loss. I know you'll take this more seriously if I reveal few risks of not exercising during pregnancy... here I go buddy- you may: lose your cardiac and muscular fitness, gain excess weight, develop pregnancy related diabetes, high BP, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, low back pain etc to mention just a few! So, stop reading and start exercising. Wish you a trouble free and healthier pregnancy!

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