Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beyond the Realm of Death

Chapter 27 from Team: Wordoholics.
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Sound never dies. But we overlook its grey shades until we're at the receiving end. It selectively echoes into ears of listeners who're susceptible to its psychotropic aftermath. Shekhar Dutta had tried all diversions, distractions and drugs but nothing worked for him... he still could hear those series of echoes whenever he tried to be a solitary writer at the privacy of his seventeenth floor apartment while Tara was busy outside in her corporate life!

Echo 1:-

Darius: “Hey Bangaali I think love is not that bad...”

Shekhar: “So the stud lost his virulence huh?”

Darius: “Bro, there's a world beyond the priority of these files and masks... have you ever smelled the morning dew or bathed in the glow of reddish moon...?”

Shekhar: “Stop being godfather's dad Darius... you're already bowled... now lookout for your rolling balls!

Darius: “Bangaali I'll tell you everything once I wrap this up for once and all... you nailed it bro... I'm flying... it is like never before... Ah...!!!”

Shekhar: “Look bro, I think I got you... but you've reached the edge... you're at Shrinagar man! You're just there... you know how many voyeurs are there to document it even when you jerk it off... you getting me dear? Please don't fuck it up... Hey don't hang up the call... are you listening me?...”

Echo 2:-

Darius: “Hello, am I talking to the bald demented bastard?”

Shekhar: “...and are you the sissy love sick treasure hunter?”

Darius: “Bangaali, she is Jennifer... she's wonderful...”

Shekhar: “...and you'll be lying dead down those hills... she'll kill you bloody dork!”

Darius: “I care no more bro... it'll be a privilege to die for her... Jennifer is my wife...”

Before Darius could continue with his words of ecstasy, Shekhar had disconnected the call with a bang on his desk. He was scared... that was the first time he got the feat of uncontrolled palpitation.

Echo 3:-

Darius: “Hey hairless rabbit, it's me the radio-head... listen communication is no more safe... heading for a last role in Bollywood... don't try to catch my channel... there'll be jammers to take care of...”

Shekhar: “Radio-head, I knew you were out of these... how come...”

Darius: “Long story rabbit... may be some other day... just wanted to tell you...”

Shekhar: “Why don't you connect to my line zero... hold on... I'll switch it on... then we can discuss more on the weather eh?”

Darius: “My access to line zero has been suspended... listen... if I'm not able to reach there don't give up... it's not our work but our intention must be strong enough to strike the chord... getting me...?”

Shekhar: “At least send me your coordinates in bunny's special inbox... you can't just get away with your sinful ass...”

Darius: “There's a small ulcer in my mouth that's stopping me from laughter... are you getting carried away... are you wet my friend?... this' not the rabbit I know... well, apart from objective there is another thing I called you for... She has none except me... sometimes... you know what I mean don't you?”

That was the last word Shekhar had ever heard from Darius.