Thursday, September 4, 2014

Download All your Photos from Picasa and Google Plus

I was trying to figure out a way to download all my photos and image files from the Picasa and Google plus account. Downloading an individual file was easy, so was downloading an album, but there seemed no easy way to download all photos with the click of a single button! Like me, someday you may also feel the need of keeping an offline backup of all your uploaded photographs and online data in your hard disk for anytime-accessibility and portability advantages. This may come handy for photo bloggers too. Even the google support page for picasa says, “To download entire albums from picasa web albums, picasa must be installed in your computer”. So, I had to do bit of research to find a solution to my problem. I didn’t like the idea of installing picasa, as I wanted to accomplish it in a smarter way, “with the click of a single button” as I said before. Ultimately I found the doughnut! Now you can also download a copy of all your photos and other data like contacts, calendars, mails, profile, chat archive etc, i.e. anything and everything stored in your google account with the click of a single button by following my easy instructions. This will automatically include all your photos uploaded to picasa and google plus profile. Keep reading…

At first, login to your Google account. After you login, copy this link- and paste in the address bar of your browser and then press ‘Enter’. You’ll land on to a page like below, saying- “Download a copy of your data”:-
See it is giving you options all that you can download from your Google account, starting from your mails to photo files. Tick the boxes beside items you want to download and keep those boxes blank which you don’t want to download at the moment. If your Internet speed is decent and you’re operating from a secure personal device downloading a copy of all your data for backup by checking the ‘select all’ box is a good idea. After you have selected what to download click on ‘Create Archive’ button at the top in red color. Your data will be downloaded in a .zip file format by default which you can change as per your need, but before pressing the ‘Create Archive’ button.
As google prepares your downloadable data archive you may have to wait for a while depending on your connection speed and volume of data being archived. If you don’t want to wait that’s fine, you may close the window and go. Google will mail you your download link after the archive is ready!
Download and Save the Archive in your hard disk.

Remember, the Archive will have an expiry date too.
Great, now the archive is ready to be downloaded to your computer hard disk! This is the easiest way I found to download all photos, albums and other data from picasa or google account without installing picasa application or any other third party software. I hope that my blog readers who’re not much technologically sound like me shall find it feasible and useful. If you face any difficulty you may throw a query anytime in the comment section below.

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