Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Invisible Curse

I don't pledge to outlive eternity,
Shall I thus be the free witness-
Let hatred be your mistress,
And love be the morphine
That'll let mankind relish
An easy death.

Facts are all open-
To make lands for anthills
Mighty mountains got to fall...
Trees are fated to be cremated
In the last engine that will ever run...
Antiques from museums shall invite
Depression to combat the manlessness...
Yes, all these coming very soon!

Till then-
Tear the rebel,
Release his blood...
Burn some chapters,
Let the gasping ash fly...
Sun has abandoned long
Ago to grant you your wish!
When your eyes get tired
Of this enigmatic black,
Pay your homage to
The master of dark,
He might help
You perish!

I pledge to outlive the living Lucifer-
Shall I thus be the holy beholder
Of a fire blazing in its flame!
Let love be the morphine...
Mercy on this mankind
With painless death.


Thank You for Reading, Reflecting and Reverting back!