Monday, July 21, 2014

At the Eleventh Hour

If I put a broken glass on your way,
Will you break into seven halves
And deliver my soul?

Why do I not see you passing through,
Is it so damn dark out here...?
Then how come I smell the blood
Lying dead in each dried trace
Of your measured steps?

Give back that setting sun-
Grant me my cherry coastline...
I shall please my grave for one more day
With mauve starfish over the sleeping sand,
While I sketch your canvas with wingless birds
Who'll soar high someday to top the auction list,
But right now you owe me for a wish!

If I put a broken glass on my way,
Will you pause to see me passing through
Splitting into seven halves like never before?

Oh why do I sense an aura of
Departed life and sweet hopes?
How come I feel the transcend to a top
That gave up to an avalanche long long ago!
Are you then bored of your booty?

Closing the door of his study
With a guilt he never felt before,
The boy had played a secret video...
Hardly knowing things would change
First time he puked at perfect human skin-
He found no taste that day in momma's food
Till they fell for each other ever after!

Jammed in an stuck elevator once,
Hiding facets of his throbbing heart
The man had whispered into her ears:
Baby do you really see a life like this?”
The surveillance camera couldn't hold back
Her nails from piercing through his chest
While silent sweats solved their riddle!

Pretending to be in control
He hold her up from the cradle
And smilingly told to his better half:
She's gonna be the best kid in the world”
She had nodded knowing her husband
Who was worried from deep inside-
Whether he'll make a good dad!

Loitering along the porch
His gaze never loosened its grip
From the closed door and a red light;
Neither his friends nor could the lady
Pacify his blocked tremulous mind,
Till the doctor chanted as he came out:
Your mother's bypass is successful!”

He knew that day would come
But never quite prepared himself for...
From distant lounge he saw her take off-
World has shrunken to the size of a tablet
Yet own fingers failed to reach his heart...!
Hugging him like a mother his wife muttered
Darling be my good deputy till she returns!”

Ah the fog of cosy spell is vaporised
From my broken glass that was once a prism,
Leaving a query for me that none shall ponder-
Why do we strive to add zest to our present,
When there's infinite joy in past recall?

If I throw a broken glass onto the horizon,
Shall He mold a rainbow gateway
Before my staircase to heaven?


  1. well you might just have to try that .. and who knows there just might be a rainbow for sure


    1. Have you seen cynics trying? They only say :-D


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