Saturday, June 21, 2014

TaazaCoupons Website Review

Online shopping coupon aggregating websites are simply countless, owing to the recent cloudburst of our online shopping habits from different e-commerce portals. So now the question is where should a shopper check in first to get the latest deal spending his minimum time and effort? This is certainly not an easy question and Mr. Google can’t help you regarding this! Even being an online shopaholic (almost) and long time exploiter of various coupon stores I can’t advice you any single best website. Some are too jammed with ads/pop-ups and some are too lazy to give you updated deals. Still amidst junks and jewels, if you’re an online shopper you can’t stop experimenting. Today I’ll review another coupon-store: Taaza Coupons and check whether their claim of bringing before us the latest discount coupons/offers from the most popular online merchants in India stands valid.

The top of the homepage presents you with perhaps the simplest navigation menu and in a jiffy you can get the list of all enlisted web-stores who have some offer or the other. But you can only land up on store directory, unfortunately no item-wise list here. If you’re loyal of big names and searching for Amazon India coupons, Jabong coupons etc then it won’t bother you much but, if you’re more budget-loving and keen on finding the best deal on a particular item, you’ll be quite disappointed just like me. There’s a search box though to aid you with specific item. I tried that too with “memory card” remembering my latest purchase, but search results those crowded the screen had no similarity with what I sought for. I retried with “camera” and thankfully a lot of stores offering discount coupons on camera turned up. Yes, I understand that every item you need to buy may not have discount opportunity at any particular moment, but it’s slightly better to reply “Item not found. Try something else” than annoying a customer with irrelevant search results. Middle of the homepage projects some 25 popular online stores. When I clicked on the second store on the box, the offers associated with it came up as a long list and they were satisfactory in offerings but not as updated as claimed by Taaza coupons. Protocol of availing those coupons is pretty much the same, so I need not discuss. Somewhere down the homepage you also get a list of latest discount coupons and special offers which is again not so updated! Taaza coupons, if you get to stand in the everyday increasing population of coupon store, you better remove expired coupons as soon as they expire, to make your customers feel your sincerity and care for them.
If you’re dejected by the lack of many options and novelty of this coupon store, its minimalistic interface will surely appear like boon to technologically challenged internet users or first time buyers. The mobile template is a good add on and so as the blog where they announce of new lucrative offers. The contact page option was quick responsive for me but regarding this I would really love to get a feedback from non-reviewer’s end. Overall the lack of over-flashy advertisements and irritating pop-ups pleased me. When I searched for “coupons India” Taaza coupons appeared in the second page of google’s search result which is good and demands slight more SEO hard work.  If you ask me whether to use the service of this modest coupon store my answer is simple- This store has a lot to brush up to grab your attention but you may give it a try.

My Website Review Scores for
- First Impression: 3/10
- Navigation: 5/10
- Contents: 5/10
- X factor: 2/10
- Findability: 6/10
- User Satisfaction: 5/10
- Making Contact: 7/10
- Overall Score: 4/10


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