Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kolkata Tram Rhymes

People find them slow, downmarket and spoiler of the city street. But surprisingly I find them classy, environment friendly and Kolkata-like. Yes, that’s why I stare with wide open admiring gaze (the same way I used to stare decades back) whenever a tram passes by me in any busy location of Kolkata. It’ll sound filmy but I can smell the essence of this old city in the rattle of those CTC trams. Whenever I get a chance I hop into a tram coach and enjoy the cityscape through its slow but steady motion spending only a few coins from my wallet. If you’re travelling to Kolkata, whether for work or touring, you must ride a tram to get that Kolkata-like feel. There’re few air conditioned trams run by CTC for joy ride of tourists but better be a traveller (not a tourist) and board onto a normal route tram. I’m quoting this idea from some Bengali movie- In this world there’re three types of people. Type A is eating, type B is the food and Type C is the one watching the whole process from the cloud level. When you board a tram in Kolkata (where else will you find a tram anyway!) you’ll play the role of type C people and I bet you’ll enjoy the moment and may be you’ll remember me. Here’re few tram photos clicked by me in Esplanade CTC tram depot with my simple mobile camera. 

If Kolkata Trams could rhyme probably they would have penned:-
Alas nothing is virgin anymore,
Lofty apartments have stolen the sky-
My dear river bank is so abandoned,
Yet all these I know a goddam lie!
A coin is too heavy for a change-
Manhood today is ever ready to fly;
You think I belong to a museum,
I say your evolution is a goddam lie! 


Thank You for Reading, Reflecting and Reverting back!