Wednesday, May 28, 2014

27coupons Website Review

In recent times there has been a high-flying growth in online shopping habits among internet users around the globe. Why won’t we buy online if we can finish the whole transaction in a couple of minutes while relaxing on our sofa with the added comforts of shorts and pollution free cool drawing room air? This growing faith and inclination towards web-stores is the reason for an approximate annual rise of 30% in overall global ecommerce sales. Ah why am I shifting to statistical data when I’ve something better to do! Now, with the flourish of online market you might have noted a new trend among mushrooming companies who’re aggregating best of deals/coupons/offers of various popular web-stores and catering to online buyers. The concept is pretty simple. You visit the particular coupon website, browse through the available offers/deals in various online stores, click on the one suiting your need and you’ll land up on the correct store. While you pay your cart total either you’ll have a coupon code to apply (if supplied previously by the coupon site) or your purchase will be automatically noted and later you’ll be rewarded with some pre-decided amount of cask back. is one among such platform which will help you save some bucks in your otherwise inevitable expense. When I was approached by 27coupons online media manager to review their website I was somewhat skeptic
but after I explored the website thoroughly I developed certain amount of confidence on the name, after all, an unreliable service won’t have survived this tough ecommerce competition since 2011.
I found the top navigation menu of quite user friendly and in seconds I landed up on product category page. So, if you’re not a pathologic shopaholic who would decide on buying based on flashy offers over homepage you can anytime search ongoing offers on the items you need. If you’re too lazy like me you got another option to land up exactly where you want by a versatile search box just below the top menu. You get an idea which stores/brands have ‘tie up’ with 27coupons from the Featured Stores box at the middle of the homepage. On scrolling down the homepage or directly clicking the Coupons option in the top menu you’ll be taken to the page enlisting all active coupons and offers. When I browsed 27coupons there were 662 active coupons and 425 active offers of around 350 stores! Pretty cool... right? Belonging to the old school of thought, personally I don’t like shopping by lucrative or apparently rewarding offers, as for me, shopping should be rooted on need. So, for me the category page and explore-box remains the gold standard even when it comes to 27coupons.
Now let me talk about your profit in doing e-shopping via 27coupons. Basically you’ll be earning points in different ways like- registering to the site, subscribing, sharing, saving, redeeming coupon, logging in daily etc. For every 1000 points you earn, it corresponds to 50 INR, which you can redeem by gift vouchers or direct money transfer to your bank account. Although the money to point ratio is very low, good thing here is you can redeem your points anytime and there’s no minimum points threshold unlike most other websites. You’ll find another dedicated page for browsing offers based on banks through which you’ll make the online payment. There’re more than 50 banks starting from SBI to citi, so probably you’re customer of one of them to be able to enjoy these benefits. On selecting your bank you’ll be directed to the page showing you offers/deals compatible with your bank. Even though this idea is innovative in a coupon/deal website I didn’t find any real utility of it, again not to forget I stand true unless you’re a shopping maniac! It was disappointing not to find 27coupons even in the second page of web search as I googled “coupon website India” and simply “coupon website” whereas most other coupon catering sites known to me crowded the search result. It is high time the SEO team of 27coupons sort this out to stabilise its stand in the game. Overall is quite user friendly with its balanced design and dynamic handy tools. Active offers are no less appealing and if you’re into online shopping, before your next buy you may seriously consider giving it a try.
My Website review Scores for
- First Impression: 5/10
- Navigation: 8/10
- Contents: 7/10
- X factor: 6/10
- Findability: 4/10
- User satisfaction: 7/10
- Making Contact: 6/10
- Overall Score: 6/10


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