Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ode to a Rhythm

Let there be hatred, let there be war-
Trust me, the chariot won’t clog,
And there’ll always be a jasmine
Smiling in your flower vase…

Let there be gale, let there be ice-
Keep hope, seasons won’t stand still,
And there’ll always be a sparrow
Wishing you good morning…

Let there be silence, let there be blues-
Have faith, grey stain dies away soon,
And there’ll always be a rainbow
Hugging you from the horizon…

Let’s not loathe the seesaw,
Let’s not burn our monsoon nest-
Serve me the old anniversary wine
Latch the door as you leave,
Let the sleep cast her spell
For I give you my sky.


  1. Nice broda good to see you still havent lost the knack :)

  2. Did you write this poem inspired by the picture?

    1. lol
      First wrote the poem and then searched an appropriate photograph from my ministation :-P


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