Monday, April 21, 2014

Medium Size And The Lady

Dear Sir,
             This is to thank you for considering my opinion in your ongoing survey and off course for the pleasant gift from your side. Although it matters least, yet I was wondering whether you’re supplying same sized condom packets to every participant. I’ll eagerly wait for your reply.

Sincerely yours,
Mr Bholanath Poddar.

To know the details of Bholanath's hilarious encounter with the lady and the circumstance which made him write this letter, read my full story "Medium Size and the Lady" on Pankti Mehta's blog. Oh, I must warn you, don't spend much time in her space or you may get addicted to her fictions!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ode to a Rhythm

Let there be hatred, let there be war-
Trust me, the chariot won’t clog,
And there’ll always be a jasmine
Smiling in your flower vase…

Let there be gale, let there be ice-
Keep hope, seasons won’t stand still,
And there’ll always be a sparrow
Wishing you good morning…

Let there be silence, let there be blues-
Have faith, grey stain dies away soon,
And there’ll always be a rainbow
Hugging you from the horizon…

Let’s not loathe the seesaw,
Let’s not burn our monsoon nest-
Serve me the old anniversary wine
Latch the door as you leave,
Let the sleep cast her spell
For I give you my sky.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why this New Blog 'AnunoyS' Suddenly?

Hi Readers,
                 First of all I welcome you to AnunoyS, my new online diary. If it’s your first gaze on my blogging then the question “Why this AnunoyS now?” won’t naturally bother you, but, if you’re among my old visitors who with their precious time have pampered my blogs or before then I owe you an explanation for sure. High chance is unlike me you won’t be busy without business, so, I’ll cut the discussion short and enumerate the reasons for launching AnunoyS all of a sudden.

In a background of my idiopathic loss of interest in blogging and usual participation in online forums or social media, the responsibility of maintaining two separate blogs started to haunt me in my midnight slumber (yes, I’m exaggerating). Whenever this blogging thing, which was once upon a time so fascinating to me popped in my thought process,  seeing the five months old last blog post invited a sense of guilt! I can’t deny, managing free time liberally for systematic/regular blogging is an issue for me. The apathy for creative writing or tweaking with photographs got added to the before said challenge. and both started feeling neglected. I thought managing a single blog that will nest all my passions will be an optimum nurture-land to evoke my lost (not fully extinct though) gusto. has been exclusively for creative writing and served as my travel journal, i.e. they got their specific niche (both content wise as well as theme wise) , which meant I was not left with an option to continue further with any one of them. Sad… definitely sad that I had to take a tough call of abandoning my two blogs, seven and three years old respectively! I’m consoling myself with the good old philosophy- it is more human not to keep pets than keeping them unattended. Good part is that I could import all of my old blog posts to this AnunoyS. I’ll keep the template and rest other graphical aspects of AnunoyS as simple as possible to aid to my struggle of blogging regularly. How come the name ‘AnunoyS’ impressed me is a tiny story that will be narrated in the ‘About’ section of this blog very soon (just kidding, actually 'Anunoy' wasn't available in blogspot). I’ll keep this blog attached to blogspot/blogger (probably forever) as I’m fed up with the unpredictable yearly hikes in renewal fees of domain registrar companies for a personalised domain name.

Thanks for lending me your ears. You’re free to kick my rear natural protrusions in case I fail to blog/post my travel stories, poems, short stories, articles, reviews, photographs or whatsoever at regular interval. Please do visit again. Take care till then.

                                                                                                           Yours truly,
                                                                                                      Anunoy Samanta