Friday, August 9, 2013

Pictures of Peacock - Our National Bird taken at different Places

India is blessed with most diverse flora and fauna, and in every corner of the country we find beautiful birds, animal and plants.  I am sure both our national animal Tiger and national bird the Peacock are the most beautiful national bird and animal anywhere in the world. In this post I want to talk a bit about our national bird. While most of the birders when going on expedition want to look at exotic, rare or migratory birds I always keep an eye for our national bird Peacock or Indian Peafowl (scientific name Pavo cristatus) as it is called, for nothing is more beautiful or colorful than the male peacock in the wild. For some reason Mother Nature decided to make the males more exotic amongst the bird kingdom.  But in spite of being more beautiful the peacock still needs to dance and woo the females and that is when it displays the full glory of its wings which otherwise are a hindrance to flying.
I here give you some images of Indian Peafowl taken in different part of the country and a bit of story behind them.

This image was captured in Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary early morning, where this peacock was the first bird to get up and announce Sun rise.  I was so happy to see him early in the morning and was pretty sure I will have a good day, which indeed turned out to be good with my first sightings of some rare raptors in Tal Chapar.

Peacocks are not only found in wild, they are found pretty close to human habitat and are thriving even in cities like Hyderabad. This third image of 3 Pea Hens was taken in Botanical Garden Kondapur, which is one of the last surviving green areas in IT part of the city. There is a small population of wild peacocks that is thriving there. This picture was taken just before monsoon and these 3 ladies came to drink water from this small pond. While two of them were having their fill the third one kept an eye on me, as if I was trying something naughty.

Similarly this peacock on the rock was taken at Durgam Cheruvu, once a secret lake that was the drinking water source for the Sultans of Golconda Fort, but is now surrounded by malls and IT parks. Still the peacocks are surviving within 500 meters of the IT parks.
Monsoon is when the peacocks are on their majestic best. The males will sit on trees and loudly make noises “Peuh Peuh Peuh” to attract the females and then display the dance to show their showy plumage.

The close up and the peacock on the tree was taken in the Bandipur National park where I went to participate in Eco Volunteer training  program for tiger census.  The first (title picture) of the dancing peacock was taken in Hyderabad Zoo using zoom lens across the fence, with manual focus to blur the fence. 

So my dear friends next time you are in country side or in a wild life sanctuary don’t just look for rare species, also enjoy the abundance of Mother Nature, our national bird peacock being one of them.

About Author:  Prasad Np is a corporate executive most of the week, but he wears many hats. He is blogger, photographer, traveler and a potential investor in start-ups with unique concepts especially if they are in travel related business. He writes about wildlife and travels on his blog desi Traveler, and is on Facebook here

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