Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Elegant Lady - drawn with Wax Crayons

This is certainly an elegant lady, drawn with wax crayons, and indeed my first attempt on ‘trying to be artist’. Well, there’s a short story behind my sudden freaking out with crayons. Day before yesterday I came across a wax-crayon drawing in one of my facebook friends’ wall update. It was one of those cute drawings which you have made in your school days, sometime or the other, either by your own impulse or by your tyrant drawing teacher. Painting/drawing/sketching was neither in my fingers nor in my blood… but that photo drawn with crayons rekindled my hidden desires to play with colours. I asked myself, “Do you want to start A-B-C of drawing/colouring like a nursery boy?”
“Yes, exactly”, I replied.
“What will you get out of it? Are you hallucinating that you’ll be an artist someday?” I tried to be strict with my inner child.
“Shut up you moron… I’m simply doing it for pleasure… no aim, no bloody game… only trying to relive those good old days!” the kid in me justified himself.
Oh well, I was ready to try out my Montessori drawing experiments… so, bought a drawing book and a box twelve wax crayons from a stationary shop on my way back to home. The shop didn’t have the soft pastel colours which I was looking for, even, the ones I got seemed very low quality… but, I guess it equated better with this Picasso. Farther, when I read what was written at the back of the box of crayons I came to know that colouring helps to develop observation, motor control, communication skills and creative expression but nothing was written about how/whether it helps a fully developed brain (but anyway, I was hopeful beyond any logic!).

On 4th itself I inaugurated my drawing book with a terrible cartoon, which may be I’ll post in my blog any day. But, today I could draw this beautiful lady’s elegant face, getting inspired from an internet image (Sorry buddy, I couldn’t find the artist name). After I drew the entire picture I could spot how markedly different it is from the source of inspiration. I’m least bothered by its inferiority as an art-work and more concerned in savouring the bliss it has showered on me. I’ll keep posting my madness with wax crayons and obtain adequate satisfaction if they make you laugh. I’ll consider my ‘drawing – colouring - posting’ effort successful if it inspires you to follow or at least makes you rediscover your buried desires. Unfortunately the crayons I’m using are too waxy and refusing to blend with one another. I need to get a good quality box of crayons/pastels soon. Greet my graceful lady like a proper gentleman and spend some time on your rooftop under the starry sky to ponder over your prospective childhood revisit.

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