Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bangriposi - A great Weekend Destination (Part 2)

[This is the continuation of Bangriposi - A great Weekend Destination, the guest article written by Mrs Sutapa Sarkar, a hardcore traveller.]

Next day, we set out for two destinations in two halves. For morning trip, nearby temple and hill was selected and Sulaipat Dam for 2nd half. Through my search in web-world, I found that rock-climbing, waterfall, Kanak Devi shrine in the hills, trekking at Thakurani hills were there near Bangriposi to visit and enjoy. In Kuliana village - traditional folk-art, dhokra could be seen. I also heard of Kanchira village with the story of biting ear (kaan) by a bear. But when I searched in the real world, I found no waterfall, rock climbing, folk-art even Dokra (no one could inform us rightly) ...... some told us about a temple on hill top having 200 staircases, some called it 'devikunda' , some 'Banadurga' some 'dwarasuni maa temple' one common thing all added was a hill with a hard climbing !!!!

With a bit confusion, we booked two autos to visit a temple they knew .... by the side of NH and adjacent to a hill. And we reached there..... The road was up rising causing a growling sound in auto engines. Monkeys sitting on road side enchanted our kids.

The temple of Dwarsuni was colourful, very popular (cars/buses passing by the temple, dropped coins as 'pranami'- respect), nicely positioned beside the NH and being worshiped regularly. We spend few minutes and then went backside. There was another Orissa style temple (of Jagannath and Shiva) and on right side was the hill to climb. Our auto drivers spontaneously guided us and we (not all, of course) reached the cave on the top. There was a narrow way inside the cave to move further to reach ultimate top. The way was all dark, stony and uneven. Some of us passed through it and topped the hill.

Wow!!!!! what was the view ...... it was an astonishing panoramic view of the whole rocky terrine, the NH was lying like big blue python with tiny cars moving on it, charming green spread all over ..... We breathed in the pure gentle air, felt so happy being far from the city's frenzy and in the lap of nature. 

Bangriposi hill range is actually on the outskirts of the Simlipal National Park - a famous one of its kind. So there is stretch of the forest of Saal, Peasaal, Sisu, Kusum and bamboo - common in that zone and the horizon is guarded with hillocks - locals call them Thakurani, Vidyabhandar, Pathrakusi, Buraburi. The rocky terrine is an ancient one and rich with minerals. Besides iron ore, galena and lead- ore are also available there. 

To Be Continued…

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