Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bangriposi - A great Weekend Destination (Part 3)

[This is the continuation of Bangriposi - A great Weekend Destination (Part 2), the guest article written by Mrs Sutapa Sarkar, a hardcore traveler.]

After having a lunch break, we started for Sulaipat dam by two Boleros we booked through the resort.  It was 30km from Bangriposi.

The road through forest area was scenic. It was smooth journey following NH 6- maintained properly - through Bisoi, a populous area of that zone. We crossed a market area full of busy people and shops and cars and carts. Then after few km, the cars entered an unpaved laterite road through some villages.  The village houses were so clean, decorated and well maintained. I noticed, they were lacking drinking water supply, many a women were carrying water from far away. Cows and goats were plenty in number so as hen.

Red zigzag way, uneven somewhere, somewhere narrow too...... took us by the side of a fair ground with lots of people. We found people rushing by bike, cycle or foot towards the ground with great enthusiasm. While returning, we also joined that fair. It was a different one really, a football match was going on, cockfight, buying and selling of foods, vegetables, garments and of course local liquor..... A very busy happy cheerful gathering was it.

Sulaipat is on Kharkhai River. Surrounded by hilly walls and yes, a vast beautiful reservoir was it. Small islands, green nearby hills and blue shadowy hillocks far away were all to delight us. Opposite of the reservoir was a park (closed though) to complete the landscape. We enjoyed a walk around the whole area and spend enough time there.

But, but .... People, as always disgraced nature by spoiling its beauty, put their dirty hands on the feeble flow of water flowing opposite side of the dam, the Kharkai River actually. Heaps of tharmocal pieces, plastics and garbage (courtesy: picnic party) pained our eyes. 
Well, sun bade us good-bye and we left Sulaipat, ended the day’s trip with cheerful hearts.
The last night at Bangriposi was RAINY. The whole day was cloudy with occasional drops on us but didn't spoil our outing at Dwarsuni Temple and Sulaipat Dam.

After evening, it started concert creating a cool ambiance to enjoy round table adda in dining and dormitory. Children were allowed to play on their own, in a room. As we were not in hurry to rise early next morning, the night went on with the smell and spell of untimely rain. Water clogged in the yard soon.

Cars we booked for Kharagpur, reached in time next morning and we said good-by to Bangriposi and set out for home. Rain continued to accompany us, gently that time. We reached Kharagpur in time then boarded local train to Howrah. We were in no less zest for the last lap of the journey too. Local train, irregular local passengers (as it was Sunday), hawkers, 'jhaal-muri’..... All made us passing time happily.

Howrah Station with its evening lights, welcomed us.

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