Thursday, August 15, 2013

And She got her Freedom

She covered her growing bosom with a thrown away designer petticoat and sometimes oblivious of it. She was no insane though, or a hooker, but simply she didn’t have it in her. Whenever she sat on the fast-food sellers’ footpath opposite to the high school gate, not even a single testosterone charged uniform ever cared to pitch her boyish look, which perhaps she had longed for at least once! Pali, that’s what they called her, had embraced the stooping posture right in her mid teen while collecting plastic bags from competitive scavengers. If once in a while she’d pass by the multiplex with her polythene load, she would pause for a while and give a vacant stare to savouring faces sitting inside the McDonald’s.

Unaware of recent 600 Crores loss or 67th Independence Day, Pali slept peacefully under the yellow halogen with her blissful ignorance. 14thAugust night, we celebrate it our way- drink, merry and drive!

A flag-seller boy discovered the bloodbath scene by the crack of dawn. Pali escaped wrinkles over ridiculous onion price, also her invisible existence… and she got her freedom. Alas, those almond eyes above the bronze skin, below the tangled hair, remained elusive forever!

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