Thursday, July 18, 2013


Handicapped wind drives into my bedroom
In a dark midnight-

Blinded by blackness,
Pampered by the feathery pillow,
Deep inside my skin and skull
Dwells the treacherous pores of contamination!

Ouch… A gang of virus
Keeps fiddling with my conscience…

I know bitches bite their puppies;
Still the fear refuses to leave,
If by chance my paralysed brain recovers…

Poison dances in my veins;
Sinful hand clenches its fist and
I lick the blood from dead mosquito’s gut!

A shrewd phantom like godfather
Threatens me in my lonely bed…

I focus my torch onto the mirror
To check those incessant wishlists,
And hear rhythm of my insomniac pulse;
It’s hard to bear in mind since when
Sorbitrate has turned into my soliloquy…

I stare at at the putrefying moon
Through the rat bitten window,
Courtesy to a pair of owl eyes!

I bathe my brain with the light of thousand fireflies
And search for a hissing reptile on the grass-
I long for the hidden blue potion to invite
Some sleep before the night ends.

- Anunoy Samanta

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