Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Give Him Some Sunshine

You fell in love with this dark when
Your lamp ran out of oil decades ago,
So now you hate this petite candle?
Come on, insecure dark knight,
Adjust your rigid eyes to its light-
Nourish the tomorrow’s torch bearer;
Can’t you hear the weeping flame,
“Please don’t dumb me down”?

Think yourself Sir, if Issac Newton had simply eaten the apple like Tom Sawyer after it fell from the tree, without thinking “Why did it fall down? Why didn’t it go up?”, then still today we could remain ignorant of ‘Gravity’ happily like mountain goats… no rocket to send to space… no eerie numerical in school physics books to bug up young minds… eh? (Un)fortunately, Newton’s father didn’t chose to dumb him down and the consequence is before the whole world! Noh, not for God’s sake, but for the sake of a better/developed tomorrow, whenever your kid pops up with an ‘apparently silly’ sounding question like, “Why the sun rises in the east?”, even if you don’t know the ‘to the point’ answer, simply discuss with him the basic model of solar system, directions etc… help him to reflect, comprehend and master all ugly/beautiful truths of this universe … let him quench his thirst… Don’t dumb him down!

You’ve taught roses are beautiful
Whereas bougainvilleas are dull,
Black cat is sign of malevolence
And we must fear the God!
Lord created him in His own image
But, now you want to amend?
Hush… listen to the rebel’s voice
“Time to break the mould”!

Sir, kindly Stop being the fanatic designer of your kid’s mental circuit. He has got this ‘one and only’ life, just like you, to explore all ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’s in this universe, and give an unique shape to his mind. His mental map should be exclusively his, not a photocopy of yours! Please show him the rose and the bougainvillea and let him decide which one is more beautiful. Question yourself, why the black cat is ominous? If you have a satisfactory answer then only pass on your word of caution to your offspring (yes, off course with a proper justification). It doesn’t matter what you were forced to accept or what you couldn’t achieve… respect his life… respect his mind… help him grow but don’t add inches to it. Have patience to encourage healthy arguments… rather than keeping him in a mould, help him to un-box his mind… motivate him to explore, dream and discover!

There sleeps the volcano
There pours the rain
Time and tide stand still there
From there begins the route
To heaven as well as the hell!
If you try to hold the infinite
You’ll perish my friend;
So, just witness its sacred flow…

Thoughts bear a sweet relationship with God… Like God, they’re shapeless, invisible and invincible! Sir, try to read your child’s mind and identify his/her thoughts, dreams, desires and fantasies. Like, Judas and Jesus dwells in the same mind, all thoughts can’t be good. Filter out the foreseeable evil ones… it doesn’t mean that, if your son wants to be a chef you’ll try anything from beer to barrel, to make him a doctor/solicitor. Inspire him to identify his hidden virtues. Your role should be like that of an unbiased tea-taster… just, acquaint him with the actual flavour. Be a good gardener, not a genetic engineer obsessed with making hybrid plants. If you don’t let his mind flow freely right from childhood you’ll probably do three permanent damages- When your kid grows up he may be a handicap of thought living a mechanical life… he may turn a couch potato, shifting all the reasons of his failure onto you… or, become another ‘mistakenly over-caring’ guardian to kill the prospective foetus of an another Picasso, Wordsworth or Einstein. Don’t be scared if he wants to follow an unconventional path… after all, all great men did the same… Give colour to his imaginations, wings to his fantasies and bullet to his obstacles!

This article is inspired by the ideas of Shree Bose, winner of Google's first ever Global Science Fair. 

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