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Bangriposi - A great Weekend Destination

[This is the first guest post to be published in iMakeMyTrip, about Bangriposi, a great weekend destination near Kolkata, written by Mrs Sutapa Sarkar, a hardcore traveller.]

Bangriposi– the name bears a sweet sounding. I loved to utter it repeatedly so many times after we fixed the plan. The journey was by train in two steps – one from Howrah to Balasore, then from Balasore to Bangriposi.

Departing time of Dhouli from Howrah is 06.00. So it was dark when we left home. No traffic jam, no waiting at signal, and no queuing ...... we reached Howrah well ahead.

As the sun started kissing the sky, the lights in Howrah station started feeling end of their duties, morning lazy station started turning into busy one ....... we started our journey towards Bangriposi- the beautiful daughter of hills. 

We, like many more times, were in a big-fat group. So the train compartment turned into our drawing room within minutes after start. Well, I had my camera ready and managed to click several times- both inside and outside of the train.

But after Kharagpur, it became a local train. . . . Lots of passengers without reservation entered into and tried pushing us to have a seat. We just guarded our kids and baggage . . . Going toilet was almost impossible. That's the hazard non AC booking often offers . . . Mostly in day time.

Trespassers who stood around us became so active and cheerful when we reached Balasore . . . 

And we felt relieved . . . 

Yes, the train reached in time and we had half an hour only to have tickets for Bangriposi and to find the DEMU [train no.78013 from Balasore to Baripada (D-10.05; A-11.40) and same train with different No.78015 Baripada to Bangriposi (D- 11.43; A-12.30)] and to board in.

I went to the counter and a lady talking in her mobile assured me (in sign language) that the train was good and comfortable . . . So I asked for 21 tickets. Instantly she put down her phone and ASKED 'how much?'

I'm familiar with such astonishing expression . . . . So smiled and convinced her . . . .

I thought of this funnily numbered two-in-one train so many times before our journey!!!! I feared of a hectic delay journey in a crowded local train . . . . But it was just opposite. We enjoyed the journey really. Small sized coach, clean and airy. Very few passengers and the journey was really enjoyable.

Sometimes it went amidst small village hamlets- village people were busy with their daily work, some liked to look at us and kids happily waved their hands. Sometimes we ran through green jungles, sometimes having a broad road running parallel. But most of the times, the land on both side were grey (paddy fields were emptied recently by taking away ripe crops). Cattles were there on that left out paddy field to find their food.

Time passed out unnoticed. We reached Bangriposi station. Over phone, Khairi resort people told me earlier that auto were available . . . . So was it. We booked 3 and within 15 minutes reached the resort.

The resort consists three separate buildings - one has four 2-bed rooms, other one dormitory and two 2-bed rooms and the third one is their office, kitchen and dining. All are well maintained (renovated recently), spacious, airy and clean. Wide balcony with railing and a portico give it a nice finishing. Cots are a bit small, other furniture are old but useful. Bathrooms and adjacent small anti-rooms were also clean and proper. No cot is there in dormitory (they supplied 'gadda'/mattress, bed cover, pillow and blanket) and only one toilet is there!!!! Plenty of water. Electricity often goes off but they have generators. Kitchen and dining display old and cheap furniture but, I must say- clean. 

Dining room was clean also but their cooking was not very tasty. We found nobody to clean rooms or change bed sheets too. 

But the resort was lovely - simply lovely. An aged old Banyan tree on left side of the complex, the round shaped seating places, the small garden and the wide path ...... all made it picturesque. You must love to live there for some days. Only the highway in front was the negative – but you can ignore it once stepping inside the boundary.

The afternoon was fixed for Buribalam visit. yes, when we hear the name of Buribalam river, instantly we recall of great freedom fighter 'Bagha Jatin' - Jatindranath Mukherjee fought against a tiger (‘bagh’ in Bengali- hence the title ‘bagha’) bare handed near village Koya by the side of Buribalam. Since then he is called so. Since then Buribalam engraved her name too in our heart.

Reaching river side was also a memorable one – by a goods carriage !!!!! We found no good alternative. Kids as well as mothers were so pleased to get the chance of such adventurous ride, that they afterwards demanded the same vehicle too.

It took us up to a downward unpaved way to riverside where local people used to cross by foot. [Though people told us several times, that the river is too deep, don't get down there] The vicinity was beautiful no doubt, but locals use the place as 'morning clearing' spot.... so guess the smell.

Soon we walked away a far and explored the place around. Found an irrigation system running from the river, saw peanut's field and then again found another ghat being used by local peoples. That very place was used as some ritual purpose. I found a stone they worshiped, lots of cut down (human) hairs and feathers of hens/cocks- one stone made oven too. 

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