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About Me

Do you really know who am I?
Celebrities need no introduction, but, as I’ve spent my life so far hiding my alluring face from flashguns of paparazzi, for which Sean Connery had always been green eyed since our college days, you didn’t even have a slice of pumpkin fortune of seeing me in US Weekly magazine. Enough is enough…Today is ‘The Day’. I won’t deprive you anymore of this platinum opportunity to know Anunoy Samanta, the great personality behind the curtain! I know there’ll be outbursts of emotions among readers, some books will be written too after this grand revelation and some TV channels will surely boost up their TRPs flashing this hot news again and again… but I need to let you know about Me today. I’ll at first introduce Myself and then, My two blogs- Travel Jerry and without which this saga would remain half-told.

The Legendary Flashback:-
Once upon a time (no, not in Mumbai) I was a very poor boy with an ocean-full of smartness in my head. So I bought (please don’t be bothered with the thought that how did I manage to get that money) a dozen of egg and sold omelettes to office goers over Indian footpaths. After selling each dozen of omelettes I kept increasing my investment on the next purchase of raw materials. Soon I started a small roadside tea-toast stall, then a restaurant and what not… yea, I know it’s hard to imagine buddy! Always remember, your dreams will sell, not your omelette. After that it was never hard to spread my branches, shoots and roots to a number of developed countries. Even some countries upgraded their status from ‘developing’ to ‘developed’ only after my strong influence on their unstable economies. I wish I could do something for the betterment of these SAARC countries! Anyway, finally I moved to Tokyo after knowing that cost of living for expats is the highest among all the cities in the world. I was actually living inside a skyscraper of gold… that’s when the turning point of my life came of a sudden like a desert storm!

About Anunoy(dot)com {Old name: Just4Suzan}:-
In an auspicious afternoon of 2006 I discovered my creative writing aptitude when I wrote a short poem on two A4 sized papers and read it out before my pet African lioness. The miracle happened in no time… as soon I finished my magical rhyme which was based on the theme ‘single mother’, my pet lioness gave birth to a baby kangaroo! Since then I cut off all my materialistic attachments with my countless fortunes and became a “monk who loves creative writing, photography and travelling”. I’m proud to have salvaged myself from worldly desires of some thousand billion USDs and presented a living prodigy before this ordinary-world! Although I came to know of my extraordinary poetic talent by 2006, it took me another year to start a blog for the same, with a sweet name- Just4Suzan (just for Suzan, funniest thing is now I've made it, yes nomore Suzan!). For your kind information, Suzan is not my ex or any other woman ever known to me. I simply thought that ‘just for Suzan’ sounds very warm and hence a perfect name for my creative writing blog which will successfully trigger readers’ imagination towards a touchy past of the poet (Anunoy Samanta)! Although Just4Suzan started with my priceless pieces of poems, now it boasts of my ever interesting stories, profoundly contemplative articles and lately started thought provoking book reviews! Despite sharing my birthday (27th February) with somewhat pretty ElizabethTaylor, surprisingly I can never get out of the armour of modesty and fly my own kite. This is the very reason I titled my as “Anunoy’s Bla Bla And Some Click Click”! I know my writings are outstanding… you know that too… but see, till then my humbleness doesn’t allow me to blow my crying trumpet… strange Godliness eh? Though photography has been one of my favourite pastimes since those busy days when I used to swim over my gold coins like my one and only idol Uncle Scrooge, I never got a chance really to exhibit those master-blaster captures to my prospective fans. But as my started her golden butter-smooth voyage I decided to add a photo section in it to showcase my Pulitzer Prize winning photographs.

About My Travel Jerry:-
After travelling  the world so many times in so many '80 days' in my private airbus, I got sentimental for those brothers and sisters who want to travel but fear to travel… the reason is one and only ‘shoestring budget’. I wanted to do something for them, but didn’t know what to do. In our various coffee meets, much respected Mark Twain used to tell me “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” So, ultimately in 2011 I started my travel blog- Travel Jerry to selflessly suffer the wildness of budget travel/backpacking and share my first-hand wisdom with prospective travellers. Getting out of my private jet, leaving the sofa of my limousine or abstaining from the aristocratic show-off of riding my golden mustang was never a cake walk... but I made the sacrifice for the sake of travel-thirsty mankind and took the hardships of travelling on Indian railways, riding a 125 cc motorcycle on potholed highways, hanging from a full packed bus and trekking on some dry Himalayan terrains! Travel Jerry will hopefully serve its purpose of helping you to plan your budget trip than simply winning the World Travel Award every year!

Least Important Footnote:-
[P.S.:- When one falls short of ideas, he sells his dreams, because nobody cares for his omelette… right? If you’ve come down so far reading my hallucinating words I must let you know that I’m just another Anunoy, who loves creative writing and photography. I’ve gradually discovered that travelling cum travel blogging is the best way to blend those two different elements of art. Despite being stringed to a profession that doesn’t quite match with the liberty of travelling or creative writing, I always manage to steal time to keep up with my favourite mantra by Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”]

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