Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monsoon Kissed My Fence

The heartless summer had driven me nuts, groundnuts to be more precise! My brain liquefied inside my skull and made me behave in most inappropriate ways in home as well as workplace. I could see the liquefied brain trickling out drop by drop through the ear and nasal orifices… you may think that I’m still not out of that intellectual misbalance, or, the summer has looted my sanity, leaving me with vomiting inducible distorted patterns of thought. But bad days are no more. It’s nothing like I’ve fought a battle against ruthless supremacy of summer or casted the ‘Harrie Pottar gifted’ magic spell to freeze the summer… as a matter of fact, the compassionate monsoon has touched my hut, rather my molten, ‘half escaped’ brain on oven! I’m no more walking on my hands or sitting on my nose… how cool is it! As a small token of gratitude I thought of capturing some monsoon photos in my place and dedicate them in the name of sweet monsoon in my blog. All these photos have been taken with mobile camera, so, if you find morbid poverty in the quality of these monsoon photos please don’t underestimate my devotion towards Monsoon 2013… simple reason for not taking my camera out of the cupboard is that I’m somewhat apprehensive to wet the lens.
This is a post-shower afternoon panorama shot from my roof. Click to enlarge!
Another post-shower panorama shot from my balcony. Click to enlarge!
Under the umbrella, on the way to fresh house.

The sky seems pregnant and she can deliver some light rain any moment!

The first shower of Monsoon 2013!
Now Watch this Classic Rain-romance and enjoy the monsoon:-

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