Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goat Photography for Julia

Our much adored Julia Roberts had once said, “Love is not love, without a violin playing goat.” While walking for the ATM a couple of days back I spotted these two gorgeous (pardon me, one seems to be she-goat) looking confident, hard working goats. Though I remembered Julia Roberts, those goats didn’t look interested in any violin. It was my post lunch period and the sky was cloudy, so I paused in the middle of the road where a black goat was exhibiting her suppleness and dedication with a branch of leaves suspended from a pole while another younger golden goat was timepassing with the green grass, and took out my mobile from the pocket. Kneeling down on road, I clicked few shots of those two amazing creatures of God, while people passing by me passed me ‘you are insane’ looks! But who cares… after all anything for Julia Roberts. Later when I discovered a cool photo-editing application in my phone called Creative Studio, which further enhanced those amazing goats (I love red meat, little less than chicken) in the frame, and now I can proudly post them in my blog… just dedicating to Julia… Julia, are you reading my post? Do you love these active goats? Goat photography is a genuine fun! A lot of goat photographs to follow very soon… keep your eyes and hearts open for innocent goats!

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