Friday, May 3, 2013

A Monochrome from My Summer of 69

I was in kindergarten and Gulku was yet to get the title of a toddler. My father was posted in Kalimpong which had bestowed us with the yearlong liberty to blend with the majesty of unadulterated nature! On an orange afternoon I was playing with our fixed-lens Yashica camera in the garden, while my brother was staining his clothes with the green of the lawn. Yes, I developed my affinity for shutter right from my 4 years age. Those days I hardly knew how to focus or what to frame… I only knew to point my close ones through the viewfinder and click the shutter with gratification! I saw my vigilant mother behind the windowpane. Seeing my brother spading a fistful of soil beyond the safety limit of grass carpet she shouted, “Gulku, come and play with your Dada.” I ran towards him, eccentrically keeping my eye fixed to the viewfinder. Gulku not only responded to our concern with a smile but also threw away the dirt in his fist and stood up with unsteady legs. There was an expression of “See, it’s that simple” which was so new to me! I clicked that first moment when he stood up on his own legs. I narrated that achievement to everyone who visited our house in that month and showed that photo to at least 200 people for next 10 years! Today, when I analyse the root of my ecstasy I find too many reasons to brood over. May be I was happy that day thinking my brother had stepped an inch higher to walk on my playing shoes… maybe it was simply the joy of discovery, pleasure of being the first witness… or it’ll sound surreal, but you might know, there lies a dormant father in every elder brother’s heart!

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