Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Essential Herbal Oils from Nilgiris

If you have been to Nilgiris but not tasted the aromatic spice tea or the much less hyped lip-smacking homemade chocolates then you’ve been surely cheated by your cryptic luck. In such surreal situation you should once again plan a trip to this beautiful, yet modest land of Blue Mountains lying in the district of Tamil Nadu, ever ready to pamper you with her vast range of horticulture products and sniff some sandalwood perfume while exploring purest herbal products manufactured locally in the region. In the middle of this month, I had made my trip trip to Mysore, Ooty (Udhagamandalam) and Kodaikanal… So, I could experience the relatively-pure agro products of Nilgiris. I munched a lot of baby carrots, dark chocolates and off course Masala-teas (now don’t throw a silly question whether I smelled eucalyptus oil, because certainly I did it). During my shopping venture I came to know the importance and uses of different medicinal herbs or their products and thought to share it with you. One orthopaedic surgeon told me that these are nothing but placebos (placebos are substances which may relieve your disease symptoms without any sure-shot guarantee or scientific basis!) but I feel there’s no harm is experimenting with products which don’t have eerie side-effects like synthetic chemicals. Moreover I’ve great respect for Ayurveda and just because it’s beyond my level of understanding I won’t dare to call its components ‘placebo’.

Here are few natural Nilgiri products of medicinal values, right from the heaven of herbals! Are you wondering why am I wasting our time on them? Answer is simple… if you’re a good hunter you’ll get them in your city too and do I have to say that roses smell the same everywhere… I mean almost same.

1)    Eucalyptus Oil: Apply it externally on affected region for common cold, cough, headache and fever.
2)    Gaultheira Oil: When two spoons of gaultheria oil is mixed with two spoons of coconut oil and applied externally, it relieves joint pain, leg pain, rheumatic pain, frozen shoulder etc. it can also be used directly in acute conditions.
3)    Citridora Oil: If three spoons of citridora oil is mixed with 100 gm of coconut oil or shampoo and applied over wet hair, it arrests falling of hair, makes it soft and shiny. It also cures dandruff and lice problems.
4)    Almond Oil: It can be used as massage oil for body as well as hair. It makes the skin smooth and soft, eliminates dark circles of eyes and removes mild scars and acne from face.
5)    Clove Oil: Two drops of clove oil when mixed with regular toothpaste and used twice a week, toothache, bad odour, stains and bleeding gum problems are cured.
6)    Lemon Grass Oil: A drop of lemon grass oil in a cup of hot tea/water relives symptoms of gastritis, acidity, diarrhoea and dyspepsia.
7)    Camphor Oil: Apply it externally on affected region for common cold, cough and headache.
8)    Java Citronella Oil: When mixed with water and sprayed inside your home/office, not only it keeps those flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs and cockroach away but also maintains a pleasant fragrance inside the room.
9)    Olive Oil: I know I don’t have to bark on the versatility of olive oil as a perfect massage oil as you’ve been hopefully using it since your nappy days!
10)   Heena Oil: Apply it externally for migraine attacks, dry cough, running nose, tonsil and sinus problems.

Honestly speaking there’re some hundred more oils and other herbal products which would certainly come handy for our daily needs but you must make your trip to Nilgiris to study them… I’ll be really glad, rather overwhelmed if you come back from Nilgiris and help me with more info to update this petite list. Again to remind you of the diverse possibilities of Nilgiris, it’s not just about herbal oils, you can enjoy various sandalwood products, rose products, spices (like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, cumin, raisin, poppy etc), flavoured teas, pure honey and those yummy chunks of chocolates! Very soon I’ll be back with my travel story of Mysore, Ooty and Kodaikanal… till then take care.

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