Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Guest Appearance

A royal roar filled the afternoon air,
Drove away all dragonflies and bees;
The regal blades lured tons of dust,
The big shot copter shook the trees!

Silly sweeper dumped his broomstick,
Nursing mother abandoned her kid;
All flocked to revere their godfather,
And to beg from him what they need.

They kissed his golden sandals,
He obliged them with Midas’ touch-
Then hurried back to his cold chariot
To escape the tropical sweat of March.

Helicopter hovered back in haste
To join with stars of the evening sky,
Dust bathed folks strolled back home
To resume the sleep and dream to fly!

- Anunoy Samanta

(Written for NaPoWriMo 2013 - 30 Poems in 30 Days challenge!)

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