Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Bridge of Snow

I stretch my back on the warm leather
And enjoy the playful balls of snow-
Wipers tried in vain to clear the scene,
I gave them unfussy leave;
Green roofs and green cones of pine
All stood still in a whitewash,
Is it my hazing windscreen or my vision?
Surrendering speedometer drops to zero,
The whole earth stops, sleepy perhaps… but not me!

I wake up with my shut down lids-
An eerie jangle taps my eardrums,
Is that a newly evolved rattle snake,
Or the buzzing blood clots in my vein?
I run naked to the deep blue lake-
One, two, three and the great dive follow,
Ouch my head strikes the stone!
Was it an oasis…? Oh I’ll forgive then…

Suzan are you there… are you listening me?
The chronometer LED glows up-
Hey it’s your pill-time sweetie,
Do you still take them with the milk?
You know honey, that password wet
With your name gives me infinite peace;
Julie’s extra curiosity irritates me,
But as always I remain a gentleman;
Oh how old is your lovebird now?
Does she remember that moment?
But… you went totally over me!
Was it your anger or repentance?
Baby, are you smiling?
Speak something dear…
Tell me Suzan…

Alas the mirror drops down on floor
Revealing the mocking old kaleidoscope!
A cop has been knocking my glass-
“Sorry officer, I got a trivial blackout”;
My bridge of snow has joined the clouds,
I warm my hand and put it in gloves…
Where did I dump that beer can?
Anyway, network is back once again…

- Anunoy Samanta

(Written for NaPoWriMo 2013 - 30 Poems in 30 Days challenge!)

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