Monday, April 22, 2013

Dream Business and Office 365 Talks

Business is the last thing I understood when I was in my teens and off course it was not even the last thing that I ever wanted to do. I remember once I had asked one of my school friends, “Hey what is a business typhoon?”… Luckily he was of introvert type and didn’t spread that ‘joke’ much in my school circle. Today I’ll make an honest confession, though business and I were always poles apart, once a situation in my life had arose where I really wanted to start a business… and if I had started that, surely it would have been my dream business! After I attained my manhood (yea, I know this terminology is damn confusing), once I was travelling solo in a passenger train. The compartment was so vacant that only another aged man was sitting on my row with a newspaper. My train stopped at a junction but there also no passenger boarded the train, instead a boy approached me with his begging bowl. I reluctantly took out a coin and gave it to him. After he went away the train had caught its motion back and I was enjoying the setting sun down the village landscape through those fast moving trees. “Son, cut off that bad habit of cutting their wings”, my old co-passenger who didn’t exchange a single word since last three hours broke the silence. Though what he explained next made him look like a hypocrite but touched me profoundly. According to him (which I believe 100% true), by giving money to beggars, especially younger ones who have potential to change their state, we make them more handicap and kill their flickering potential to do something in life. The old man’s solution was to - counsel the beggar who approaches you… make him believe that he can do something of his own to tame his hunger crunches… make him realise that he wasn’t born to survive on other’s mercy… and when you see his wet eyes (affected by your motivation) lend him a hundred rupees note and suggest some small things which he can buy with that and sell in the railway station complex… tell him to repeat this buying-selling cycle to sustain his life independently and when he has enough money (probably in few months) he can come to your house and return your favour! I was like awestruck and I the blue angel in me dreamt to start a side-business by employing a group of beggars as my salesmen, who would be selling my products in the railway stations for which I’ll be paying them commissions… when they accumulate enough principal to start on their own they were free to resign my salesmanship. By sitting in that moving train for another couple of hours I had portrayed dreams which I haven’t redone till date. I had imagined a dozen of beggars joining my business as salesmen and after every 3-4 months they’re starting their independent stall when another dozen of beggars with high hopes taking up those empty posts. I dreamt of a beggar-free hometown… beggar-free state… a beggar-free India. My dream business remained a dream… may be, someday, someone who can convert vision to action will take up this idea and give it a shape… or, who knows, might be I’ll be that ‘someone’ someday, when I’ll be brave enough finally to abandon the things I’m doing but I don’t want to do.
Now, if I had the option of using Office 365 I would have tried to explore and exploit all its features optimum for my daily chores. Being a technically impaired wandering soul, I agree it’ll take me some time (may be more) to understand the huge flexibility offered by this Microsoft’s new innovation but ‘being a student’ never hurts me. I won’t have to whip my savings… rather I can take Office 365 on monthly/yearly subscription basis from Microsoft for a nominal (hopefully) charge. So, I won’t fear in the first place to give it a try… no risk involved, simple! MS Office is my age old friend… but the novelty of Office 365 lies in its availability  as cloud version, i.e.- I don’t have to babysit my laptop round the clock as I can access my data practically from any machine connected to internet from any corner of the globe! Naturally I’ll give some rest to my right shoulder by leaving my lappy on the desk when I go for work. I’m yet to decide which international/NRI friends to call to consume that 60 minutes free skype-call Office 365 is providing per month… I’m sure I’ll store my high resolution photographs and use that free 20 GB Skydrive space. Word, Excel and Powerpoint in Office 365 are no different than what I’m accustomed to use, so here also nothing to worry… even if there’re minor improvements and addition of features (like more availability of templates and an overall improved user interface) in them I’m sure I won’t have to hurry to exhibit a sophisticated learning curve as there’s no curry involved… it’s all same dude. When there’s no worry, no hurry and no curry, you’re (I mean, I) compelled to enjoy healthy working hours! I’ll probably connect my staffs’ PCs so that whenever they modify a document I can check it even from my home (a big advantage of cloud storage!). Moreover my staffs can coordinate with each other with greater ease using the Lync Online with Office. I’ll have a peaceful sleep at night (yes, no more insomnia?) as various security commandos will protect my Office 365 data center and by chance, if God gets angry, first-rate disaster recovery capability of the data center will prevent my heart-attack. And everyday… oh sorry, every ‘night’ in my dream, when I’ll be five thousand miles away from home in some foreign land, Rowling’s publisher will approach me and request me to let him read one of my manuscripts and I’ll ask for his smartphone and login to my Office 365 to oblige him with my fiction….

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