Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Liebster Award - You're Blogging Pretty Well

Eureka (am I sounding same ecstatic like Archimedes?)! I’ve got something after a long wait to update my blog with and my whole hearted shukriya to Dr Ratika Chauhan can only deliver me from the sin of ingratitude. She thought my travel writings and photography worthy enough to nominate my iMakeMyTrip blog for the Liebster Blog Award. Well I was a blank head to be honest about what this Liebster is all about and web-search didn’t give much trustworthy results too, so I solely chose to update my wit with whatever the precise info my nominator had given about Liebster Award in her blog-post. In a nutshell Liebster is a German word which means ‘dearest’ ad this award is recommended by fellow bloggers to one another with the spirit of “You’re doing great buddy”. Any modern blogger can see through the transparent background utility of sharing such award, so I better don’t talk of business here and alter the taste buds of my readers/fellow-bloggers.

Here are ‘not so humble’ set of rules for this award (read and stick to it if you don’t want to be counted as black sheep):-
-   Jot down 11 things about yourself (Is honesty the best policy eh…?)
-   Answer 11 questions set by your gracious nominator (for Saturn’s sake, don’t shout back at me “Why the hell did you nominate me freak?”)
-   Nominate 11 deserving bloggers for spreading this love and encouragement (Don’t be mean to think yourself a scapegoat)
-   Now it’s your turn to set 11 questions for them (Sky cleared out a bit by now right…?)
-   Inform them of all these by e-mailing, fb-walling, twittering or commenting on their blog post (Anything you do, don’t forget to maintain the air of love. Off course it doesn’t mean you’ve to leave a note “P.S.- I Love You” to your nominees’ inboxes.)

I had taken a holy vow before starting this post so as to not to make it like a python. I’ll stick to that and keep everything very short.

11 things about Me:
-      My name Anunoy means ‘request’ but that’s one of the things I hate to do especially when I need a favour.
-      My Orkut age is exactly 104 Years and owing to it I’ve been lucky to gather affections from few net-grandsons and net-granddaughters in short course of time… now please don’t pretend that you don’t know what’s Orkut!
-      I love travelling but certainly not to the extent of spending the last penny in my pocket for it.
-      I hate persons with special affinity for boasting and hatching stories to uplift their ass from the ditch.
-      Till today I’ve penned a number of poems but liked only a couple of them… yea, I too have the notion that mostly I write craps.
-      Anytime (even at 104!) I can spend my leisurely hours with Tintin… and I won’t hesitate calling you a moron if you don’t know Tintin!
-      I love motor biking so much that I never took driving a four wheeler seriously.
-      ‘Titanic’ title song and its different instrumental versions are my all time favourite romantic tunes.
-      I’m indolent, impatient and impulsive… hey, don’t be so judgemental about this dork… after all did I say that I’m 100% honest?
-      I prefer lying for greater good… certainly I do it sometimes to avoid trivial warfare too.
-      There’re too many virgin lands left unexplored in my mind and at times I find them too full with rain-forest to venture around!

Now answer to 11 questions set by Dr Ratika:

1.     If you could keep just 5 songs in your I-pod/cell/music player which ones will you keep?
Answer: - 5 latest melodious-most tracks which I can update by another set of 5 songs in the next week… now do you feel your question wasn’t specific enough? 

2.     If your house is on fire, what is that one thing you will save?
Answer: - My family… fair enough right?

3.    Cats or dogs?
Answer: - Actually I have genuine hatred for cats.

4.    Mountains or Seas? And why?
Answer: - Mountains anytime… simply because they have all those qualities to lure a man… silence, curves and mystery!

5.    Do you believe in destiny? One instance you witnessed it if the answer is yes.
Answer: - No… I confessed of my laziness didn’t I?

6.    If it was declared no phone week, will you survive?
Answer: - Yea… with pleasure.

7.    What’s your sun sign, and do you believe in it?
Answer: - Scorpio… yes I believe in it only when the newspaper/magazine speaks of some sugary probabilities.

8.    One moment you could erase from your memory.
Answer: - Yes it’s there deep in my mind.

9.    If you were to sell yourself (not for prostitution) as a commodity, what would you price yourself?
Answer: - Just enough to quench the thirst of my long queued wish list.

10.  Have you ever read any of my articles? And if yes what’s your favourite till date.
Answer: - Grrr… no free feedback… just kidding… whatever you write I enjoy your flow.

11.  What will you like to be in your next life? And why?

   Answer: - Next generation Einstein… Huh do I even have to tell it why?

My 11 Nominees:

1)    Preetilata: One of my loving & lovely net-granddaughters!
2)   Christopher Dsouza: A blogger friend since last 5 years.
3)   Arti: She’s the most enthusiastic young Indian traveller cum blogger I’ve known till date.
4)   The Fool: Only he can call himself by that name, nobody else would dare.
5)   Pramod Lohia: He’s a cool person and indeed a gentleman.
6)   DaisyL: She’s not that a conventional blogger but her blog itself says how much she loves travelling to India.
7)   Vinay Ravindranath: This Leo is so passionate with words that he rhymes without reason.
8)   Shooting Star: She is a traveller, writer, photographer, foodie, fashion fanatic and a shopaholic.
9)   Dave King: He writes amazing poems!
10)  Subhorup Dasgupta: Man you got to have something inside your skull-vault to get this guy's outlook and become his fan in no time!
11)   Coming soon!

My 11 Question for my nominated bloggers:

1)    What has been your more satisfying experience- with your desktop or laptop?
2)   Are you fond of train journey or flight? Reason for your choice?
3)   Which is your dream travel destination? And which one is your favourite one?
4)   Mention 3 of your qualities which you want to pass on to your offspring.
5)   What is the most violent incidence you’ve faced till date?
6)   Have you ever felt “I’m the king of the World”? If yes, when?
7)   Characteristic features/behaviours in people those piss you off?
8)   What is your dream job?
9)   Do you ever dream of a world where there is no demarcation by countries and all are free to roam about anywhere without slightest hindrance and hatred?
10) At which age you had your first pornographic acquaintance?
11)  Did you feel good to be nominated or took it as a headache? I swear I won’t mind your honest reply.

I’m light and happy to have come to the checkpoint of this marathon post and hats off to you for accompanying me so far down the page. I’ve passed on the baton to my nominees as per the tradition of the Liebster Award and I’m hopeful of reading their posts soon. It has been quite a sometime I couldn’t write a nice poem or take few good photographs… let me cross my fingers that Goddess of Fortune will spit on my barren farm before it’s too late! Till then take good care of yourself and your dear ones.

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