Thursday, March 21, 2013

After the Shower

The mad vodka had stolen the moisture of his tongue,
He stared at the moon filled sky from the tiny cabin glass
Waiting to get tuned with the cacophony of turbulent waves-
There was his head on the table hiding the wordless paper,
Closed eyes to avoid any episode of accidental shooting star…
Only the uncapped pen knew where Suzan was to be found,
But it was dumped to roll on the swaying wooden planks;
The radio beeped once, twice and then thrice in a row-
Was that an admonition for a forthcoming tempest…?
Why a man never has enough tears he asked the darkness,
The echo gave him some solace of a waiting frost rock…
A contented smile conquered his hope soaked shady eyes
Dragging him naked on the murky black and white deck;
He climbed the mast higher and higher to thank the iceberg,
Alas a sudden shower washed out his chance of deliverance…
Lashed down by the tyrant drops of reality he picked up the pen-
“Suzan, the new dawn wants me to write another ode for you,
Baby I’ll rhyme of papery romance like love, longing and live
With the hope that tomorrow will never summon monsoon-
I can’t die for you dear; I’ve seen a raindrop too has dust in it!”

- Anunoy Samanta

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