Monday, January 14, 2013

Nagma - the Puppy

Meet Nagma, the puppy whom I met a couple of days back in a colleague’s place. Winter was too hard on her and she was found shivering on the way back from hospital at night when my kind colleague became her saviour. When I went to his place in late afternoon a week back I found the cute refugee licking biscuit dissolved milk, and, then and there I decided to give a quick visit to him with my camera. By my next visit with camera the puppy had procured a name ‘Nagma’ and it sounded too sugary when Vinayak called her, “O Nagma… Nagmaaa… O Nagma…” Anyway Nagma had got a puppy shower with some human shampoo, so it was fun taking some quick indoor photos of playful puppy Nagma with my ‘not so fast’ camera! Oh, one day I have to take Nagma for a rabies and parvo-virus vaccine with Vinayak and before that she needs a dashing dog (rather, puppy) collar I guess. 

I don’t know how long the na├»ve Nagma will be frolicking inside my colleague’s living space. Might be he’ll be leaving her on the street as the winter retreats and by then she will be a quite grown and capable bitch to survive in this tough world. But it’s damn difficult to part with a creature once you get in habit of living with it… Only time will tell whether I can post some photographs again of adult, I mean lady Nagma in my bLoG. 

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