Sunday, January 27, 2013

From Her Butterfly Hours - Page 1

He came in my moth-eaten pages like a warm winter gust
When I had called it a day and closed all files of my past-
Days seemed bitterly stretched, nights felt oddly cold;
Shaded eyes were all I had as sleep was long back on hold!
He: “Hi… [Smile]”

Me: “Yea…”

He: “So why are you awake so late?”

Me: “Insomniac… I guess.”

He: “Oh that’s a luxury… I too afford it at times”

Me: “I afford it every day because I’m rich”

He: “I opted out of that rat-race when most of my friends did and look now I’m happily light pocketed… [Smile]”

Me: “Huh light hearted too…? So, you could see my fatigued legs…”

He: “Well not really… [Smile]”

Me: “Then words…? [Sarcastic]”

He: “I thought you would be closer this time… [Smile]”

Me: “You mean my mind… Huh…? [Sceptic]”

He: “I told you right that you were so close… see now you told it yourself! [Laugh]”

Me: “No way… you’re just forcing things to fuel your ego… I don’t have a fatigued mind note it.”

He: “Do you think a person crawls onto the bed with a pure intention of getting a sleep with a kindled ego…?”

Me: “Hey you got heavy eyes…? Ok goodnight… bye.”

He: “It is not over yet, so better words would be ‘see you tomorrow’ [Smile].”

Me: “I don’t like people who take things for granted.”

He: “None of us do it actually but we unconsciously like taking things for granted… [Smile]”

Me: “Ahem… like?”

He: “Like just now you took it for granted that I prefer to quit my day with an aroused ego! [Smile]”

Me: “Oh well…”

He: “Catch you tomorrow… try to get some sleep…”

Me: “Won’t you ask my age, sex and location?”

He: [Silent_Jogger logged out of Chat]

Me: Luxury…! My foot… Stupid…
Insomnia had robbed my bliss and left me alone with my tears,
But acquainted me with dark guarding me from million nightmares;
Today I faced a brand new insomnia with dry eyes and soggy mind
I kept pondering what is there in memories which I’m dying to find…

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