Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reminiscence – the slow poison

In all the avenues,
Amidst maddening crowds,
Inside the dew fixed to every petal,
Through windows of hundred rushing caravans,
The grown up boy tried to catch up his breath, his Suzan…

When he hurdled over that 16
With soft hair down the cheeks and nose,
He hardly knew how to middle part his long locks,
Weaving futile cobwebs of fantasy with his own saliva
The boy peeped into clouds to catch up his dream, his Suzan…

Off late he puts fire to smoke
In the shadow stolen darkness of night;
Puts a ton of practicality over his quivering heart,
Still finding it impossible to balance the seesaw of bliss & apathy
The man desperately puffs out in vain his only reminiscence, his Suzan…

- Anunoy Samanta

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