Friday, June 1, 2012

Helicopter Delight

You feel good to see a helicopter hovering down in your neighbourhood playground even if it blows off a whole bucket of dust into your living room while saluting your balcony. Usually people leave their work at hand and rush towards the rusty helipad in search of some idiopathic salvation… well, in my schooldays there used to be a chapter in our biology book ‘population’ and there the last reason of ever increasing population in subcontinent was too touchy for a teenager to miss… it was, majority of population comprising poor mass can’t afford any other sources of entertainment other than sex! Oh sorry for drifting away from the root… actually I was looking for a justification for the closing in mob towards a just landed helicopter, which is a very common sight in developing nations I guess. Yesterday noon was no exception…
But, there’s an ugly truth to this scene… specially, if you’re living in or near a hospital. I was free in the scorching afternoon and looking for a catnap, when I heard the noise of a copter… It was not the first time, so I knew the possibilities why a copter would land on the baked afternoon soil of Kohalpur. I went to the roof with my cam (don’t get me wrong, I just wanted to blog my sorrow anyway) to witness the ambulance of our hospital receiving some victims from the rescue copter.
In the evening I had come to know from a colleague that both the victims were dead… yea, he didn’t have more details as he wasn’t in the emergency then. I opened the news portal from my mobile and it read- “The death toll from a jeep accident that took place at Shantinagar of Firchaini VDC in the mid-western district of Doti Wednesday morning reached 12 after three more passengers died this afternoon. According to the police, four were killed on the spot, six while receiving treatment at District Hospital Silgadi and two died on the way to Kohalpur for treatment. The accident had occurred when the jeep heading to Doti district headquarters Silgadi from Salkhat, veered off the road and fell more than 200 meters down….”
Nothing novel about this news though, as it’s so frequent in hilly areas of Nepal as well as India. I’m not trying to be a curmudgeon… but till then the fact is fact, doesn’t matter whether we reflect or ignore. Whenever you hear the sound of a vanishing aeroplane or hovering helicopter don’t get frustrated of your work, imagining the other souls going for holidays inside those airbuses (at least my fantasy never misses such thoughts)… it can be other ways too. Be optimist and think how lucky you’re not to be inside one of them! Well, I know last few lines whatever I spoke of are drunkard’s philosophy… fact is that, I didn’t intent to finish the sad post with the same mood. Cheers… and take care friends.

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