Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fables of Love – 14th Feb

You know when pink love turns brown,
You’ll overlook to smile but not to frown-
“It’s your fault” you and she both will say
And something more on a dazzling day:
Dear Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know when warmth gets little cold,
You long to tussle but no more to hold-
“I was such a fool” is all what you say
And something more on a particular day:
Hey Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know then the thread vanishes forever,
Yours tears and pain are all what you savour-
“I didn’t want that way” you both fail to say
And a card in closet takes your heart away:
Sweetheart Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know it’s futile; still you sit with a pen,
You want to be brief but only emotions rain-
“I’m sorry” is not just what you yearn to say
And a beeping mail takes your breath away:
Baby I had loved you each and every day!

You know life is short so make it worth living…
You fancy being loved but sloppy to be loving-
“Let’s make it together” is what soul must say,
What more then any Valentine’s Day would pay?
Tattoo the insignia of 14th in every single day!

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