Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring Onion Flowers

As per Wikipedia (that's the only sensible link came up after desperate googling!), Spring Onions are the edible plants of various Allium species, all of which are "onion-like", having hollow green leaves and lacking a fully developed root bulb. They are also called green onions, scallions, salad onions, green shallots, onion sticks, long onions, baby onions, precious onions, yard onions, syboes etc. They're no special food item unlike lobsters or Hilsa and usually manage to get an unnoticed corner of our vegetable basket. But they have something awesome to exhibit... their white tiny flowers... and my Nikkor was too sensitive to appreciate that!

In the afternoon I promised to stay away from my obesity-inducing slumber and so wanted to make it productive by clicking some cool frames. But again my laziness was restricting my mobility inside my house only... so, ran behind two cats for a while and at last when I failed in capturing those restless souls my Nikkor showed me something more charming amidst the heap of vegetables... I never knew that spring onion flowers can compete with jasmine in a close up/macro shot!

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