Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma

Finally the glow rose up with insomniac wings-
The toxic blue cocooned by their golden fringe,
A stand still lake and some soggy tranquil
All fairy tellers of a vindictive moment;
Not a soul felt those gallons she had bled,
Celebration was on for the Caesarean outcome
Nobody remembered one day she too was born.
But she was smiling… yes she had no complaint!
Sorry I don’t have the time machine
So my blatant belated wishes for you,
Happy Birthday… happy birthday dear smiling girl…

The seed she kept away from the blazing sun
Watered, sowed and nourished till it learnt the art,
Whining blended with the fragrance of wet nappies
Sure all were vital other than her need to snooze;
With every new calendar new priorities replaced her
Reasons were enough to forget the day she was born
Like urge for out of budget video game, daisy first date
Then precious liquor parties and then… it never ended
And it never ends… Don’t know if she still smiles…
Sorry my greatest forgiver, my purest wishes here for you
Happy Birthday… happy birthday... dear smile today…