Friday, May 1, 2009

Stick No Bills

There’s a dusk again-
Wings giving their final strokes;
Redness accumulating on displeased cornea,
Muscles fatigued with undue bills,
Imaginations lived their golden age…
Stagnant air gulps the sigh,
Wish has been long back copyrighted-
They had assured of a damn erotic show
But filthy posters fail to turn me on;
Filled with an anonymous fear
Silence I pick to fence my mannish ego…

Finally midnight hours come-
She moans it has been enough for today,
Lethargy knocking those suppressed hips,
Lips dead beat after the final touch…
Satisfaction caged only in western beds,
Developing license renewed for validity,
Pleasure accessible lone in midday slumber,
Credit adding to the compensatory hike
Masturbation is just what I can settle on-
Adjustment is the key for survival,
Like a ghost I witness the puppet show…

- littleWriter

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