Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary my Heart

In the mood of singing today,
Desperate to find my lyrics,
Lost an year ago
Under a whitewash,
Smashed under the fallen bricks…
I can’t be quiet today I can’t be dry-
Have to blow those balloons,
Kiss your cherry brow
Anyhow I’ve to try…
Where are you my heart…?
In the kitchen or the roof…
Drying your hair or stirring my soup?

Honey did you see Roy’s wedding card
Which I had kept over the magazine rack last day?
Oh God I forgot to tell you,
I met little Lira in the early morning!
She was wrapped in the scarf
You’d weaved last winter…
For the first time I saw tears in her eyes
Seeing me, I know not why…
Dear oblige me with the coffee of my taste-
No I better make it for your spoon of sugar
Won’t suffice me…
Cheers darling…your espresso waiting for you…
Enough you’ve given now it’s my turn,
I’ve a surprise for you…
Close your eyes or I’ll dip down thy blue ocean…
One two and three,
Happy Anniversary my love, here’s your…

Pendant drops on the white marble below
Can hear the rolling diamond’s chime-
My castle of cards blown miles away
By the brutal breeze of time!
Reminiscence rasping the wound once again…
I wasn’t a perfect man, just right for you-
Bad in planning my expectations were few…
First and foremost was to be always by your side
Life in your name a lifetime with you…
Lets go for our candlelight dinner now-
As the candle will be glowing forever
Won’t be ever oblivious of our vow…

- littleWriter

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