Friday, July 25, 2008

Oops that was My First Time

It's hard to be oblivious of that day-
Oh I can still feel my thumping heart,
Can smell the cosy divan and the pillow;
I was losing patience and going nuts.

Lips dried up and my face reddened,
Clocks slowed down for a while
As I kept waiting for him nervously-
Biting my shaky lips against my style.

It was entirely a brand new experience
I was waiting for that I must confess-
Like a kid's first day at kindergarten;
Like a teen's first smoking exuberance.

Hush… he entered into my bedroom,
Light was quite dim to suit my mood,
Tossing me a smile unbuttoned his coat-
My only solace: the man looked good.

My temperate skin was getting hotter as
He came close to me to finish up his job,
With a parched throat and wet eyes
I tried my best, still failed to sob.

"Will it hurt?"- I stammered at last;
The expert guy playfully winked at me,
And I felt like a timid deer under
Lion's claw, no escape route to flee.

He clasped my part he was looking for and
Massaged a lotion which seemed an ice pack;
Shutting my eyes, holding back my breathe,
Was waiting for a baffling climax to whack-

As he pushed his thing into my warm body
I bawled clutching his hand in an odd agony;
Oops I sighed at last with sweat sunk body-
I tell you, getting injected wasn't that funny