Monday, February 4, 2008


Salty love over passionate beach-
Sexy sunrise with colours so rich...

I walk over the sandy sheet
With two eyes those never sleep,
Thirsty for a washed out trail
Of your footsteps on fickle sand,
Drifted from heaven to hell;
I hate those impassive waves
Who expunged your only mark,
Despite repenting, brashly rave!

The scorching vertical sun
Baking and blistering my bald head-
Streams of gluey sweat
Winding down my folded forehead-
The roasted dust below
Infiltrating the cracks of my feet-
Hot vacuum around me,
No oxygen left anymore to breathe…

Speeding through tunnel of shadows,
I’ve developed nocturnal vision
To defend unjustified authenticity
Of my directionless navigation-
Even single breather is prohibited,
Invigorating my recklessness
By mesmerizing fumes finely knitted
And claustrophobia embraces-

The crude night falls once again-
A gigantic canvas drops onto the sea,
Thousand fireflies soaring by the waves
Witnessing the brine dissolving thee.
Oh Suzan you’re fading away honey!
My world’s shrinking to an oyster shell
Dark sea tinged by your watercolour-
Alive me trying to find a romantic hell…

My heart, you’re set free from crave in vain!
Open up your washed wings of eternity;
Forward strokes will bring renaissance-
Dark magical horizon lying behind you,
With few songs sung and rest unsung
Muse far away from my poetic view…
The sand dune distorted by gust of wind
Forlorn oasis lives with cacti very few…