Monday, December 24, 2007

Our X-mas

Christmas jingle-
Fumes of chill-
Scent of wines-
And a lot more thrill…
The flavour of cake
Rooted berries inside,
When my tongue is wet
My manners subside-
Glowing church with
Candles of wish,
Chorusing of carol
Can’t miss that bliss-
Lighting the holy tree
Bundle of joys,
Camouflaged as Santa
I parcel the toys-
New cards and gifts
A sheer delight,
Yummy roast turkey
That ends the night…

I sleep under my warm quilt-
Lucky socks hang in neighbourhood doors-
Another good morning waiting for tonight’s merry makers-
The footpath momma fails to nurse her child in biting cold-
Poor mother reluctantly tearing a broken lump of pie-
Unblessed kid calm in hunger and X-mas wind,
Perhaps, in his dream he’s waiting
For the colours our Santa will gift…


(I've penned this one after being deeply inspired by Indrajit Ghosal's poem O Santa! Yes, Indra is a damn good poet. My poem is no match with his "O Santa!" still couldn't refrain myself from posting it)

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