Friday, December 14, 2007

My Reminiscence in a Midnight Platform

Clock strikes twelve, smoky anguish prevails;
Impatience grows higher, tranquillity unravels-
Pin drop stillness rules the midnight platform,
Sounds of shoes have faded fulfilling their term.

The dim light of station master’s cabin falls low
To keep me awake waiting for my carriage;
Like other two three heavy-eyed passengers,
Wrapping myself well, I repose by my luggage.

I don’t know where I am now,
Music and melody all around…
Thoughts and pains are strangers,
Euphoria flooding unbound!
Is it the Eden I read in Bible,
Is there the lake of eternal bliss-
Is that tree carrying fruits of wisdom,
Does here blow the healing breeze...
Who stands there by the orchard hub,
In snow white gown like a divine dove-
Yea I know this wingless angel
She’s Suzan, the lady I madly love!
The space smells so passionate,
Infuriated by the enchanting harmony
My throbbing heart wants to be free-
Blizzard of love has sipped my serenity.
Two azure eyes like frolicking ponies
Whose obsession I could never override-
Her ruby lips with charismatic plea…
My longing for a kiss is absurd to hide.
I walk to her to sense the warmth,
To unite our soul in the mystic horizon;
She surrenders her to my comfy dream-
Love stands statue over rolling seasons…
Time fails to tinge her white robe,
Her golden tresses sustain their chaste,
Summer falls short to parch our wet lips,
In wildest tempest we remain embraced.
Eros turns green at our undying love,
Dionysus gets aggravated by its sanctity-
Curse of Menoetius chinks our union and
Loki abducts her revealing Gods’ insanity.
Oh she’s roving away from my reach…
My limbs are immobile under Veles’ hex;
Poor eyes witnessing our separation,
Rolling down teardrops is my only reflex.
The jovial ambience has lost her glow and
Fading with my drifting away lady love-
Lonely I sitting by the pit of darkness,
Alas, Suzan’s ring slipping down its nub!
How can I let our token of love to ebb…
Thousand commitments unfulfilled,
Want back that heavenly season of love-
I dive into the well of time to rebuild.

A shrill noise splashes water to my alcoholic self-
My venture against vindictive time halts abruptly;
Wintry chill is stinging my skin like furious bees,
Train is whistling, I’m a traveller, I’ve to hurry…

The train is speedily cutting through dark subway,
Putting my life in motion, grabbed my effervescence-
No opportunity to revert, to rethink, to volte-face;
Time has won once more snatching my reminiscence.


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